Friday, February 24, 2012

Toyota Motor Launched New Hybrids, New Prius and Prius C

Toyota introduced their all new Prius C and the new, improved version of the 3rd generation Toyota Prius. They are both Hybrid vehicles that represent Toyota’s commitment in using innovative technology to preserve the environment.

New Prius

The new improved Prius now features new luxury and sophisticated interior and exterior with a class of fuel efficiency and low emissions.  Personally, it looks really sporty and big and has the square-ish look. It cost about Rm139,900-145,500 and it comes in 4 colours.  For more info on Prius, click here.

Prius C

While Prius C is the compact version of Prius, basically is smaller and many says it suites girls best.  Toyota states that Prius C sets as the trend for urban mobility. Caters for young adults who are environmentally-conscious and tech-savy people.  It cost cheaper that the big Prius, starting price at Rm97,000 and it comes in 5 colours. It has more of a round-ish look but with a surprisingly decent amount of boot space. For more info on Prius C, click here.

You can find them in selected Toyota showrooms in Peninsular from 24th Feb 2012 and East on the 2nd March onwards. So go and tests drive them today!

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