Monday, February 13, 2012

Sophie Paris: A French Fashion

Interested to get some French Connection?
For Sophie Paris
It is your Fashion, Your Business

It is the 5th and latest market ventured by SOPHIE PARIS, the Asia’s largest fashion direct selling company. They are the number 1 Fashion Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Company in Malaysia. SOPHIE PARIS Malaysia is a 100% foreign direct invested company with tons of unique range of French-designed and well priced bags, wallets, watches and accessories. 

Check out their Compensation Plan:

"You have the advantage to decide your personal working hour and the effort that you would like to dedicate in work. It is your choice whether you prefer to develop a career by engaging yourself full time with SOPHIE PARIS or just to earn some extra money during your spare time. There is no official operations hour so you can adjust the time to your convenience.

SOPHIE PARIS Members are able to place an order at Member Price and resell the products to their customers at Retail Price for a profit. Besides that, SOPHIE PARIS Members can recruit new Members and build their own network, and receive bonuses and rewards under SOPHIE PARIS Compensation Plan."

A new Catalogue will be produced every 45 business days with about 250 fashion items which are mainly designed by French professionals that are in constant update with the latest trends Europe. You can either buy them at RM3 per book or view it online one their website for free!

Price range from RM60-RM300. So far I've used it for about one month, and it is serving me well. It is still in good condition. 

Managing Director Geoffrey Bagot says:

"Today marks your first step in joining over 34 million people around the world who have chosen to work within the direct selling industry. Today also marks your first day as a MEMBER of the first ever Fashion Direct Selling Company in Malaysia. I look forward to accompanying you on your journey with SOPHIE PARIS which is sure to be very interesting. As a SOPHIE MEMBER you will enjoy the following three benefits:

1. My Fashion: SOPHIE offers you new and exclusive French-designed fashion products every 45 business days. Thanks to 17 years of design expertise, SOPHIE is able to offer high quality, fashionable products at reasonable prices.
2. My Business: Joining SOPHIE incurs just a small registration fee and no financial risk on your part. You are then able to earn additional income, to establish and grow your own business, build a career and become financially independent.
3. SOPHIE Solution: As a new MEMBER you are able to love the SOPHIE products, meet new people, make new friends and develop new relationships, be rewarded and grow both personally and professionally. On top of that, there are exciting events, trainings and fashion shows and travel all over the world to take part in. SOPHIE can help you to make your dreams come true."

The Smart looking bag that I own right now. 
Check out my blogpost here. 

During the media event, some pictures on their fashion show on their latest collection.

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