Saturday, February 11, 2012

Majolica Majorca Lash King

The ultimate mascara for King-sized lashes!

This product have been raved by many and I finally managed to get my hands on them and review it for you. True enough, it is fabulous! It is one of my must have mascara now.

Lash King contains 5mm long jet-black fibers in every single coat of mascara, leaving lashes looking super-long and dolly look. It is infused with Volume Impact Wax and Volume Powder which helps mascara to adhere to the lashes better, allowing long-wearing to be possible. 

This is the Acrobat Catch Brush, it separates and coats individual lashes evenly without tangling.

It dries really fast and does keep my lashes curled up even for a long day. However, before applying, I will have to pre-curl my lashes before the mascara to achieve my preferred look.

Personally, I don't think it creates a very natural look because of the amazing formula, it does makes you look like you applied mascara or if you build it up more, it will look like you have false lashes on. My bf thought that I had fake lashes on because suddenly the lashes were long and visible.

Definitely water-proof, I remember crying with this mascara and it was still there looking fabulous. Of course, must use makeup remover to remove and it was pretty easy to remove.

Check out my video demo to see how it worked on my lashes.

I like this mascara a lot, and it doesn't take a whole lot of effort to work with the mascara. The rave was right.

I found something else! They had some cool event on this collection but not in Malaysia. 


Henry Tan said...

haha not a girl, so cant really comment much. but from what i know thru my friends...
dries really fast and keep ur lashes curled up for a long day are what girls looking for!
haha nowadays all shud be waterproof rite? otherwise if cry or rain... den would be ugly ad

JQ Lee said...

yEAH! it so true because we dont know when are we gonna get emotional. haha!

Sherrie Pui said...

Hmm but I see it's not enough volume? The length is good though. =)

JQ Lee said...

Sherrie, Maybe you got to build it for the second layer cause I did only one layer. of course the volume wont be able to get like the ones in the magazine. :)