Friday, February 3, 2012

The Descendent [review]

A story that is not for those heartless people. The Descendent portrays a monotonous, long, unfortunate tale about a man learns to deal with her daughters after discovering his cheating wife is in a coma and about to die. The show took place in the beautiful land of Hawaii, the whole idea of the fantastic landscape as their setting saddens the scenes even more by replacing silence of the character with the sound of the waves crashing upon the shore and the wonderful sunset adds emphasis to the poise of the shots.

To some, long shots of the silent characters may seemed as draggy but does help the audience to try to relate and bring in some of their own experiences or thought into the picture and wonder what would they have done if the same incident would have happened to them. How would it feel to lose our love ones?

It is a very family show except that there's a ton of inappropriate words being used to show how real it can be if you don't teach your kids manners, watch it with your family (encourage with no kids) or love ones. It will be more meaningful to know that they are still by your side.

Its a pretty long story so don't watch it when you are feeling sleepy or tired. I watched it at 2am and now it's 4.30am while I write this post.


Kelvin 'finalkt3' Tan said...

From the sound of it, you watched a downloaded version? haha

JQ Lee said...

hahahahha obviously! Tak kan cinema show it at 2am!

Henry Tan said...

i think i watched the trailer! seems nice too!

JQ Lee said...

Henry, Its a meaningful story :)