Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bald For Fund!

16 ladies are going bald!!! All for a good cause.

Funds Target: Rm 200 000

How can you contribute? Check this out!


I wished to be there but I can't as I have class :( This is what happens when class starts. :(

So Bald For Fund People!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Vow Movie Review (no spoiler)

First of all, I would like to apologies for giving out a huge spoiler just moments ago. I just finished watching the movie (bad quality) and I posted something about how I hated the ending because it was just so sad.

Once after I posted it on FB, so many started spamming me "SPOILER ALERT". HAHA, I seriously thought it was out in Malaysia on Valentine's day. I thought I was super outdated and couldn't find it in the cinema anymore. I knew I wanted to watch it because it was a huge hype about it on FB. But it turns out that it was out on US's Valentine's Day, not Malaysia. 

Don't Worry, no spoiler here.

A horrific car accident puts Paige Collins (McAdams) in a coma and gives her a severe memory loss, so her husband Leo (Tatum) works to win her heart again. After several romantic trials, they end up having to start their relationship anew.

Okay so the description of the plot above from Wikipedia totally doesn't do justice of how sad the story is and the impact on you would be worst if you have a special someone in your heart that you deeply love. It will reminds you of him/her, of what will you do or how will you react if someone that you love so much couldn't remember who you are anymore. I shed a tear to be honest, probably because I am in my room and no one was watching me being soft/weak :p I think if I watched it on the big screen, probably would have held it in the tears. Haha. 

I love her short hair with fringe!

To some, this movie might sound cliché. How different can this movie be with those other movie with like, The Notebook for example. Oh My... Rachel McAdams was IN The Notebook =_=" and for some reason, her character always plays as an artist, like in The Time  Traveller's Wife. She always have that beautiful fringe that gives a really nice structure to her face. I was in love with her hair when I watched The Vow. 

Again, her hair, OMG, I want. 

Anyways, the story is a little different than The Notebook because it doesn't tell the whole story of how they met but is more of how two people deals with it and how the husband, Leo (Tatum) have to give her some space to re-discover things even though it hurts so much for him along the process. Definitely, in The Vow, the wife wasn't old when she lost her memory. 

They look so adorable together :)

If you are a hopeless romantic or if you are one of them who secretly loves The Notebook, you will definitely enjoy this. I had a lot of fun watching this movie, it wasn't dull at all. In fact, when I realized I was almost at the end of the movie, I wanted more. I wanted the story to develop or continue even more. Like what happens after that? It was just superb evil of the Director, Michael Sucsy to just end the story like that!  

I didn't know what was the story about before watching it, all I know was that it will be a romantic drama, that's all. Maybe this could be the reason why I do like the movie alot due to my low expectations but I can't argue that it is a Lovely Movie to watch with your love ones. 

I hope that they won't censor anything cause really, there is nothing obscene, at most was both characters was in their underwears for a dip in the sea. Other than that, they are just kissing most of the time. :)

If you haven't watched the trailer, here you go. 

Comment and Let me know if you will watch it or not when is out in the cinema. Hearts!
Pictures all source from google image

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mabuhay Joy Pack by Seenamon

"Mabuhay Joy Pack (RM 12)
One random pendant necklace and one dahlia ring from Seenamon, original price RM 28."

Mabuhay means live long in Tagalog! When you buy a Mabuhay Joy Pack, you will be blessing a portion of the people of Philippines. (I will not be keeping any profit.) you're also welcome to give as your heart desires!

Contact Aisha (FB) or Seenamon ( for orders. Please help to share & spread the word! Much thanks & blessings.

8 Packs left, grab one now :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Teen Girls are becoming racist Virally?

What is happening to young, sweet high school girls these days? This is why social media ethics should be taught in schools. I am not trying to give extra stress to the teachers in schools but as time passes, teens these days need to know what Not to say on the internet and be taught that there are limitation to freedom of speech. 

While I was in school back in 2003-2007, we weren't told anything about not being plain dumb on the internet. That's because back then, internet was a peaceful place where people come together and connect. I don't remember owning my own camera or laptop while I was in school and certainly, even my first notebook, it was plain basics without a webcam. I remember being hooked to the computer for computer games like 'The Sims' but I don't remember being hooked online other than logging on to my mail-less hotmail account, chat slightly on msn or a chatroom call Q-somthing(the chatting place that goes 'oh-ou'), and friendster. It was so simple back then. 

I was reading through David Mcmillan article on "How to ruin your life in 14 minutes", I was overwhelmed and immediately felt the urge to create an awareness on this issue. Trust me, I am the one person who doesn't like it when my parents keeps reminding me to be careful on my blog/facebook/twitter. To me, I felt that I am informed well enough after going through 4 years of hardcore communication or media classes. With the ethics knowledge running through my mind 24/7, I naturally twice on certain blogpost/pictures/videos that I put out there. 'Do I want them to know that I did this?, Will anyone be insulted if I put this up?'  Even with that, sometimes, I still do make mistakes. Though, most of the time, if I am able to put it online, which means I don't mind what others will think because it's who I am and I am okay with that. 

As I'm writing this, I can't help but to think of  most bloggers/people will probably say "Argh, enough of the pep-talk already, I know all that's to know about the ethics online!" While you may already know or are aware about this, keeping it to yourself won't do justice for those who don't know or doesn't bother to know. We wouldn't want to wait until it is too late for them where they will be shadow cast by one regrettable and truly disastrous social media fail for the rest of their life. This scar will never fades off no matter how much vitamin E oil you use. 

The girls you see above were forced to dropped out of High School and received numerous death threats, death threats from all around the world I believe. Can you believe their whole life is being re-path to the road less taken (in a bad way). What can they do now? Home-school until everyone forgets? Whatever it is, lets hope for the best for them because is a waste to see beautiful young girls life being thrown into the drain.

It's true that we need to broaden this conversation of social media ethics which includes anyone who uses or is affected by social media (Don't try to avoid, you reading this is included). David Mcmillan listed 5 key points of ethics that needed to be address (source: read his article here or continue reading, I'm listing it down for you from his article)

At the end of the day, what kept me wondering is why exactly did these girls did what they did? Why did they wanted to post these awful comments up on youtube? Were they really unaware about the possible consequences or just simply seeking for attention? Were they really bored of their life? What is it and why? I personally don't believe that it is because they have low self-esteem or insecure, it is no longer the 80s, teens are more complicated these days. 

What are your thoughts on this? I would love to hear them. :) Feel free to comment. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Toyota Motor Launched New Hybrids, New Prius and Prius C

Toyota introduced their all new Prius C and the new, improved version of the 3rd generation Toyota Prius. They are both Hybrid vehicles that represent Toyota’s commitment in using innovative technology to preserve the environment.

New Prius

The new improved Prius now features new luxury and sophisticated interior and exterior with a class of fuel efficiency and low emissions.  Personally, it looks really sporty and big and has the square-ish look. It cost about Rm139,900-145,500 and it comes in 4 colours.  For more info on Prius, click here.

Prius C

While Prius C is the compact version of Prius, basically is smaller and many says it suites girls best.  Toyota states that Prius C sets as the trend for urban mobility. Caters for young adults who are environmentally-conscious and tech-savy people.  It cost cheaper that the big Prius, starting price at Rm97,000 and it comes in 5 colours. It has more of a round-ish look but with a surprisingly decent amount of boot space. For more info on Prius C, click here.

You can find them in selected Toyota showrooms in Peninsular from 24th Feb 2012 and East on the 2nd March onwards. So go and tests drive them today!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Penang Property & Real Estate

Once again, I would like to say I love PropWall. Searching for Properties have never been easier.

This time I am going to bring you browsing around some Penang's houses, condos, offices, shop, factory and even land! In total, at this moment, there are 326 Properties in the Penang Property website. Definitely more to come. Well, if you don't know what you want yet but you do have a bunch of cash to be disposed, browsing under the "all" categories will be great as it shows you everything from the Top properties, Most Wanted properties and you can even have your search in Alphabetical orders.

If you have an idea of roughly around which area you are interested in, there is a column of link on "areas" that will help narrow down your choices. Places like Pulau Tikus, Green Lane, GeorgeTown, Seberang Perai, and many more!
Of course, if you went to the page with full of hope on that one apartment you wanted so badly, do use the easy "search property" column prepared specially for you.

Once you click on a certain property you might be interested to buy, you can read all about the apartments like a brief introduction of the place, analysis of the area, property details, layouts, facilities etc. The greatest part of having this online is the great gift of pictures or images. Unlike the traditional way of people advertising the properties in newspapers, just for the one small area that may be in the middle of no where and our naked eyes could easily just missed it. With the compliment of pictures, we can at least save our time by filtering a few of your favourite place based on the looks of the place before going over to really scout on the place.

At the end of the day, you had a long and hard thought about it and you are really interested, all you got to do is just to scroll down till the end of the of the page, fill in your details and click "to rent" or "i'm interested to buy"

This is an easy and cool way to search for places to stay, to work or even to invest. Everything is pretty much right at the tips of your finger. Personally, the greatest thing about having a property in Penang is the opportunity to buy a place where it faces the sea. How wonderful is that?





Monday, February 13, 2012

Sophie Paris: A French Fashion

Interested to get some French Connection?
For Sophie Paris
It is your Fashion, Your Business

It is the 5th and latest market ventured by SOPHIE PARIS, the Asia’s largest fashion direct selling company. They are the number 1 Fashion Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Company in Malaysia. SOPHIE PARIS Malaysia is a 100% foreign direct invested company with tons of unique range of French-designed and well priced bags, wallets, watches and accessories. 

Check out their Compensation Plan:

"You have the advantage to decide your personal working hour and the effort that you would like to dedicate in work. It is your choice whether you prefer to develop a career by engaging yourself full time with SOPHIE PARIS or just to earn some extra money during your spare time. There is no official operations hour so you can adjust the time to your convenience.

SOPHIE PARIS Members are able to place an order at Member Price and resell the products to their customers at Retail Price for a profit. Besides that, SOPHIE PARIS Members can recruit new Members and build their own network, and receive bonuses and rewards under SOPHIE PARIS Compensation Plan."

A new Catalogue will be produced every 45 business days with about 250 fashion items which are mainly designed by French professionals that are in constant update with the latest trends Europe. You can either buy them at RM3 per book or view it online one their website for free!

Price range from RM60-RM300. So far I've used it for about one month, and it is serving me well. It is still in good condition. 

Managing Director Geoffrey Bagot says:

"Today marks your first step in joining over 34 million people around the world who have chosen to work within the direct selling industry. Today also marks your first day as a MEMBER of the first ever Fashion Direct Selling Company in Malaysia. I look forward to accompanying you on your journey with SOPHIE PARIS which is sure to be very interesting. As a SOPHIE MEMBER you will enjoy the following three benefits:

1. My Fashion: SOPHIE offers you new and exclusive French-designed fashion products every 45 business days. Thanks to 17 years of design expertise, SOPHIE is able to offer high quality, fashionable products at reasonable prices.
2. My Business: Joining SOPHIE incurs just a small registration fee and no financial risk on your part. You are then able to earn additional income, to establish and grow your own business, build a career and become financially independent.
3. SOPHIE Solution: As a new MEMBER you are able to love the SOPHIE products, meet new people, make new friends and develop new relationships, be rewarded and grow both personally and professionally. On top of that, there are exciting events, trainings and fashion shows and travel all over the world to take part in. SOPHIE can help you to make your dreams come true."

The Smart looking bag that I own right now. 
Check out my blogpost here. 

During the media event, some pictures on their fashion show on their latest collection.