Saturday, January 28, 2012

What Men What?

A new reality series is coming up starting on the 28 January 2012 (which basically is today,lols), 10pm on ntv7.

'What Men Want' aims to provide you (mostly girls) a fresh new experience on what do men these days really want?

Personally, sometimes, I don't get you guys at all. These mystical creatures are made so differently from us women. You guys can be very confusing and I believe we girls always stereotype them, thinking all guys are the same.

There is no one answer, all guys are different. Some are great, some are jerks. What Men Want is here to just prove you that!

They did their research and audition, interviewing a ton of guy just to pick the final 6 participant that represents different type of guy which made the perfect combination to know what men, in general, really wants. This is not a contest and there are no winners, it is pure for us to understand what men wants.

Watch these 6 hunkies' life (well, not all of them are jocks :P) as the camera follows them everywhere! Have a sneak peak into their private life o.O

He is hot in real life. Look beyond the glasses ladies. 

I'm sure he is familiar to some of you.

He looks like a sensitive to women needs guy

The sweet mummy's boy because a happy man is one who loves his mom.

The one that says 'I don't know where is the limit for a man to love his girlfriend.'
Boy, let me tell you, there is no limit! Keep showering us with love!

  I think he is my favourite :D Wolfie!! 
Macam Wolverine but fun size!

This show is hosted by the alluring Deanna Yusoff

Catch them every Saturday (starting on 28/1/12) 
only on ntv7


ken said...

sure can know what men want from this or not? lol

JQ Lee said...

Haha ken, you and I will have to watch it then only we judge at the end of the series.

Henry Tan said...

tonight 10am huh? hopefully i will remember to watch it! haha.

JQ Lee said...

henry, yup tonight 10pm