Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rimmel Glam Eyes Day 2 Night with yuberactive

Again, I have always love the packaging of rimmel's mascara. Very attractive and the structure of this mascara is very unique. 

To clarify things, it DOESN'T have 2 heads. Their are both using the same brush. What made the difference in the brush is the tube of the wand that links to the brush. 

The volume applicator have thicker wand while the lengthening applicator have a thinner wand. The thinner wand is placed into the hollow tube of the volume wand so that when the brush is pulled out, it will remove the excess mascara by gliding the brush through the ring of the tube making the brush less dense to help promotes lengthening of eyelashes. 

While taking out the volume wand, it doesn't do anything because the brush is naturally made to pick up tons of mascara. 

I was impressed with the lengthening because it really lengthen my lashes. Less mascara on the brush gives a the mascara a dry formula feel as it dries fast. It doesn't clumps at all, separate my lashes well. Results in a very natural longer lashes. 

less mascara on the brush

Thinner wand 

The volume gave me a hard time. It needs lots of work and precision. Because the brush picked up lots of mascara to volumize the lashes, the formula turns out to be very wet which I hate because even after curling my lashes, it will make my lashes droopy. Worst part is that maybe it is due to the rather big brush, some mascara smeared to my lids close to my lashes. So I have to clean up after applying. It clumps the lashes a little to achieve the thicker lashes look. 

Droopy and smeared in my lids.


Thick wand with loads of mascara on the brush

However, after it is completely dry, Like really really dry.(took quite a while to dry) I curl my lashes and it gave me the dolly eye effect that is not soooo thick but just nice. I kinda like how it looks. 

I personally dont suggest mixing the both, unless it is for transforming day to night look then is fine. Most important is to make sure that the mascara is completely dry on your lashes.

Dolly lashes that flies high took some effort. 

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