Friday, January 6, 2012

Loreal Paris French Glamour with True Innovation

Woots, I was invited to a Loreal Paris event where they introduce their new products to us. Upon reaching, they know everyone is gonna be late due to the jam, they are kind enough to provide us to some good food to fill our hungry stomachs!

As I am Typing this, I am thinking of food! This is my 3rd day of detox, woohoo! 
As you can see everyone is lining up for some food!

The workshop begins and they got a few significant people to give some short speech and presentation. I'm sure you all just want to see what products did they introduce to us. xD

Jumping straight to the products. If you are too lazy to read, you can watch my Haul video at the end of this blog post.

They were so sweet packaging it so nicely for us. These skincare products were given according to our skin types.

This is the Perfect Clean Face Wash. They comes in 4 customised cleanser solutions:
  1. Exfoliating Foaming Gentle Scrub, 
  2. Purifying Foaming Gel, 
  3. Refreshing Foaming Gel 
  4. Soothing Foaming Cream Wash. 
 Loreal added the new effective Scrublet brush with 500 soft and flexible tips, the silicone brush pad eliminates deep skin impurities. 

Trying it for sometime now, I got the Refreshing Foaming Gel and it truly refreshes your skin. It leaves a cooling sensation onto your face and it smells good.

The potion that I have been wanting to try ever since it is out in the market. Maybe because I was sucked into their marketing strategy!

This product is marketed in such a Grand way with their statement of Crack the Code to Youthful Skin with 10 years of gene research in collaboration with Saint Louis Hospital in Paris on the study of 4000 skin-related genes.

So we all have this 'recovery genes' and it triggers the production of the proteins involved in skin renewal process. For a young skin, it takes only 6 hours after aggression to start the recovery process but for a mature skin, it occurs only 30 hours later. 5 times longer to skin recovery which results in wrinkles, signs of fatigue, sagginess and dullness.

Loreal Paris Youth Code Pre-Essence with new Pro-Gen Technology cracks the code for the activations of the skin's natural recovery process from deep within.

This is the consistency of it, it is water based but not to diluted either.

In 1 drop: Skin quality transformed. Deeply hydrated and silky smooth, allowing skin tone to look fresher.
In 1 week: Skin begin to look younger. Texture is refined and more elastic so skin looks radiant.
In 1 month: Dramatically younger!

Reminder: This is a pre-essence. Use it before essence.

Loreal White Perfect Radiance Boosting Double Essence

The white essence is a whitening product that helps neutralizing the program of melanin production at the source and it helps to unload existing melanin on the skin layer.

The pink essence is a radiance boosting product with Tourmaline gemstone known to stimulate skin microcirculation which results in the shining through of your inner rosy glow.

and liquid texture without leaving sticky feeling. Mix it well on the back of your hands before applying it on your face to avoid uneven application.

*Screams* Another Loreal True Match Series!

Roll On True Match Perfecting Foundation
I love it in a compact form so I can easily travel with it!

It covers flaws like uneven skin, light scars and covers creases. You can truly see a good coverage. It is sooooo easy to apply, Just GLIDE it ON. Check out my video on this.

Tried it: even though it is a full coverage foundation, you still need to cover your pimples with concealer.

Loreal Paris Double Extension Curl 24 Mascara.
For an all-day and all night long curled-up glamour lashes.

Step 1: Aqua flex base (white)
It nourish and relax the lashes and primed it for the ultimate curl hold.

Step 2: Flex-Polymer technology (black)
Ultra lengthening topcoat with flex-polymer for endurable curled up lashes.

Tried it: Super lengthening like Superman! Waterproof and stays on forever. Curling not so much for me, I still have to pre-curl my lashes for the ultimate look. Maybe it works better for shorter lashes.

"ahhhhhhhhh" * Lets do the Choir with the arrival of this baby. Among all, I'm excited most with this.

Loreal Paris Base Magique Smoothing Velvet Primer
Pronounce Magique as 'Magic'

This is the secret to a Perfect Skin Texture. This creamy product provides you a perfect smooth skin like a the even texture of a paper. It prepares your skin for a perfect canvas before makeup.

In layman terms, if you have uneven skin texture, it is harder to apply makeup to make it look good. Applying this base fills up the area of your fine lines, wrinkles and pores to create an even skin texture for makeup. (like a bumpy road suddenly became a smooth riding experience when it is near to elections because they filled up all the holes on the road)

A thick creamy soft paste (like peanut butter) which gives a matte and silky finish. The pinkish paste gives an extra boost for radiance.
  1. Silicone Oil: Provides easy and non-oily gliding application 
  2. High Concentration in Polymer: Gives a strong blurring effect for radiant ad illuminating finish.
  3. Soft Powders: Gives skin a matte finish and looks soft from every angle.
  4. Rosy texture: Corrects skintone for a translucent appearance skin. 

100% oil and fragrance free, non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic. Dermatologist tested and suitable for all skin types.

Application method:
Take a small amount and rub it between your two fingers to create a smoother texture for easier application onto skin.

Thank you Loreal for the event! I enjoyed it! You all are such friendly bunch of people!

Check out the videos for a more close up look on the product. 

This is a Haul. 

This is the 2 product testout on the Roll on foundation and the mascara.

What do you think? Which product are you interested? 


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