Friday, January 13, 2012

I wanna try...

I so wanna try this! There is a high possibility that it catches my eyes due to its chic packaging with oh-so-paris and gossip girls' signature 'xoxo'. All the heart shape everywhere skipped my heart for just a little bit.

This is the Wannabe Collection from Etude House. Not surprising as Etude House always managed to lure me with their packaging skills. I'm sure I'm not the only one being suckers for packaging! xD

I stumbled across this while I was browsing through my morning Facebook routine and saw their FB update with this beautiful babies. Etude House FB Link

This is a view of their entire collection.

This is the Wannabe Moisture Fix Mist. 
I hope this works like a Mac Fix Plus which will help keep your makeup in place and with added moisture. 

Wannabe Shine Finish Pact SPF27/PA++ & Highlighter Duo

I love contouring my face so to have highlighter into this pack is probably and added bonus. However, I'm not sure if it would cause the powdering of my face to be affected as we wouldn't want to highlight our entire face. Still the packaging will look good on my vanity. 


Wannabe Style Nails #1 So Hot Chic

I think the added cool factor is that this comes with nail art stickers. :D
Though, I'm not sure if the stickers will stick well onto the nails. 

Wannabe Style Making Kit

I know it wannabe collection but maybe too much of glitter eyeshadows? They do look pretty but I do hope that the fall outs will be less and hoping that all the particles of the shadow will not transfer into the lip pallet.
Plus point, I think the bottom drawer is a brow kit. If Yes, then OMG, they have made it complete a little more. Brows are very important, to have a neat brow and give your face a complete different look. 

Maybe I could try this Wannabe Collection one day. :) 


LauraLeia said...

Eh, i saw this on Facebook this morning too, haha! The lipsticks look super nice! I also wanna try some items from this collection~ :D

JQ Lee said...

hahaha! Fb is awesome, make us so up to date with all these stuff