Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sloggi Girls' Night (update)

Thanks Cindy and Sloggi for the fun Girls's Night!

Don't forget to watch the video if you missed us live and vote for Cindy at

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Enuca Giveaway Winners


Chea Ann

Xue Ren

Life Muses



Won yourself a bottle of mini Lift Me Up Serum 7ml from Enuca!

Please Email me to discuss on the collection of prize!
Thanks everyone for joining!

I know I haven't been doing giveaway lately but I will try to do more!

What Men What?

A new reality series is coming up starting on the 28 January 2012 (which basically is today,lols), 10pm on ntv7.

'What Men Want' aims to provide you (mostly girls) a fresh new experience on what do men these days really want?

Personally, sometimes, I don't get you guys at all. These mystical creatures are made so differently from us women. You guys can be very confusing and I believe we girls always stereotype them, thinking all guys are the same.

There is no one answer, all guys are different. Some are great, some are jerks. What Men Want is here to just prove you that!

They did their research and audition, interviewing a ton of guy just to pick the final 6 participant that represents different type of guy which made the perfect combination to know what men, in general, really wants. This is not a contest and there are no winners, it is pure for us to understand what men wants.

Watch these 6 hunkies' life (well, not all of them are jocks :P) as the camera follows them everywhere! Have a sneak peak into their private life o.O

He is hot in real life. Look beyond the glasses ladies. 

I'm sure he is familiar to some of you.

He looks like a sensitive to women needs guy

The sweet mummy's boy because a happy man is one who loves his mom.

The one that says 'I don't know where is the limit for a man to love his girlfriend.'
Boy, let me tell you, there is no limit! Keep showering us with love!

  I think he is my favourite :D Wolfie!! 
Macam Wolverine but fun size!

This show is hosted by the alluring Deanna Yusoff

Catch them every Saturday (starting on 28/1/12) 
only on ntv7

Friday, January 27, 2012

*Sneak Peak* Sophie Paris

I recently got a new bag and a new wallet. 

Happy CNY!

Will talk more about it soon!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rimmel Glam Eyes Day 2 Night with yuberactive

Again, I have always love the packaging of rimmel's mascara. Very attractive and the structure of this mascara is very unique. 

To clarify things, it DOESN'T have 2 heads. Their are both using the same brush. What made the difference in the brush is the tube of the wand that links to the brush. 

The volume applicator have thicker wand while the lengthening applicator have a thinner wand. The thinner wand is placed into the hollow tube of the volume wand so that when the brush is pulled out, it will remove the excess mascara by gliding the brush through the ring of the tube making the brush less dense to help promotes lengthening of eyelashes. 

While taking out the volume wand, it doesn't do anything because the brush is naturally made to pick up tons of mascara. 

I was impressed with the lengthening because it really lengthen my lashes. Less mascara on the brush gives a the mascara a dry formula feel as it dries fast. It doesn't clumps at all, separate my lashes well. Results in a very natural longer lashes. 

less mascara on the brush

Thinner wand 

The volume gave me a hard time. It needs lots of work and precision. Because the brush picked up lots of mascara to volumize the lashes, the formula turns out to be very wet which I hate because even after curling my lashes, it will make my lashes droopy. Worst part is that maybe it is due to the rather big brush, some mascara smeared to my lids close to my lashes. So I have to clean up after applying. It clumps the lashes a little to achieve the thicker lashes look. 

Droopy and smeared in my lids.


Thick wand with loads of mascara on the brush

However, after it is completely dry, Like really really dry.(took quite a while to dry) I curl my lashes and it gave me the dolly eye effect that is not soooo thick but just nice. I kinda like how it looks. 

I personally dont suggest mixing the both, unless it is for transforming day to night look then is fine. Most important is to make sure that the mascara is completely dry on your lashes.

Dolly lashes that flies high took some effort. 

Me Detox Talk + Alternative snacks

Yo Yo Yo People in the hauze!
Dis iz yo girl JQ
*hand starts flinging up and down*

Stop, I suck xD

I'm here to talk about my Detox Programme that I undergo for 3 days from the 28-30 December 2011. I have some request from a few of you to talk about it after taking up that challenge. You can check my announcement post on that here

I have to clear the confusion first, remember, IT IS A DETOX Programme, NOT a DIET Programme! The whole point of going through this is NOT to lose weight, it is to give your body/digestive system some rest from all the Yummy Char-siu, Siu-yok, Bak kua, Char kuey tew, Chicken chop, Laksa, Curry, Roti planta tambah gula.........& bah kut teh!

Also, while resting your system, we are taking this chance to remove the toxin in the body for a healthier body and it is said that it will be easier to lose weight with less toxin in the body as toxin traps fats, you can't remove them other than going through detox.

As I said before, the detox require us to have a strong will on avoiding anything but Fruits and Lots of Water. With the programme, we are also needed to take in 1tbsp Psyllium Husk mix with 1cup water + bit of lemon juice. Drink the mixture at one go and immediately because Psyllium Husk will coagulate with water and act as a brush, brushing through the side of the walls of your system. Thus removing toxic from the body while 'doing your BIG business'.

The packet I bought front view. 
Yes, it is RM9

This is how it looks like. 
It looks like very tiny rice husk. 

If you can't the mixture just like that, you are allowed to add some honey for better taste. You are required to drink the mixture right after waking up in the morning and night before sleeping. If you are taking before a meal, please take at least 1/2hour before meal.

As you can see, it will float on water. It doesn't dissolve in water. 

 If you leave it long enough, it will start to coagulate and becomes like a mashed-up jelly consistency. 

 The husk will absorb the water which results to this. 
So is best to quickly drink the mixture right after mixing it. 

During the 3 days of detox period, it is best that you stay home and rest. Please do not do any harsh activities. Maybe have a laptop movie marathon or catch up with some books or play with your little nephew like me :D

Now let's read my 3 day detox diary

Day One,
Dear Body of mine,

I'm sorry that I cheated on the Detox programme already. (LOLs) I was fine the whole day until my boyfriend took me out to Pasar Malam(night market). I was tempted by the lingering smell of Uncle Bob's fried chicken and the click-clacking sound of the bubble tea store while the aunty was busy shaking those heavenly fluid. However, I thank God that I only settled with Rojak at the end of the day. Though it is still a bit off track from the plan due to the sauce and some keropok but it is better than those mouth watering grilled pork sausage rolling on the pan like a kid screaming "Buy me, Buy me!". I almost wanted to buy Jagung (corn) but my smarty-pants boyfriends just have to blurt out the reminder of planta(margarine) and salt that are layered onto the juicy, healthy corn.

Of course, as planned, drank my psyllium mixture day and night. When I checked into the fridge with eyes opened wide hoping to find some cut fruits left by my dad. Unfortunately, the hope was crushed when the empty fridge counter smiles back at me and say "Sorry, no fruits today :)" I dragged my grumbling tummy up the stairs like a rebellious dog refused to move with its master, went on to my bed and had my beauty sleep.


Day Two,
Dear Body of mine,

Today was definitely better than yesterday. Followed the psyllium mixture routine and surprisingly, I managed to survive the day with just pitted prunes and raisins I stocked up before the detox. Oppss, I think I forgot to mention that I also conformed to the nagging of my mom to at least eat boiled vegetables with some salt. The constant statement of "For what detox?! You so thin d.... blah blah blah" still freshly ringing in my head. At that moment, the boyfriend again have to be a smart alec for joining in the party and say things like "honestly auntie(talking to my mom), I still don't get the whole not eating anything, thing..." Arghh! It is bad enough that I am hungry, they are all trying to make me cranky! Sepak engkau baru tau.

Again, my mom was not making it easy for me. She clearly knows that I am on detox for these three days and she chose to go to the grocery store and pick out all the good food with the special effort of displaying it  on the dining table. All of the sudden, the dining table glows in my eyes, shines brighter like it never had before. It called out to me with an opened arms singing the oldie song 'Run to me'.

I just had to get out of the dining hall before I get into trouble. I quietly stuck my head into the fridge with my fingers cross that this time, there will be fruits for me to indulge upon. Again, I left with disappointment.

Tips: Stay strong, don't let anyone ruin your detox plan. It's only 3 days. You can do it!

Day Three,
Dear Body of mine,

YES! It's the final day, my facial muscles could now stretch and learn how to smile widely again. The last day was by far the easiest even with all the good food surrounding you. Yes, my mom tried to lure me again but I guess to know that it is the last day made me even stronger and determine to just complete the detox session.

Even though it is the easiest day, at this point, you will tend to get really really really...... extremely hungry. When I woke up in the morning, I literally felt like the acid in my tummy is telling me that my stomach is like an empty box, hollow till you tap can hear it reflecting the sound waves. It was making a whole load of noises but it did not hurt nor I felt any pain, it was just the hungry feeling. So I just did the usual routine and ate lots of prunes. Though, I was kinda getting bored of eating prunes but I still gulped it down anyway because I have nothing else to live on. I can't deny that my tummy does look flatter, of course. And oh.... yeah, I took vegetables again too.

As the night came, I get even more excited and I was telling myself that I can't wait for tomorrow to come. It was such a good feeling to know that you have stuck to the regime, especially before New Years.

Tips: When you get really hungry, drink loads of water and eat prunes/fruits. Switch up the types of fruits so that you don't have to face the same flavour every 'meal' time.

*The end*

After the 3 days detox, PLEASE DO NOT JUST GO THROWING FOOD & MEAT IN YOUR STOMACH. By this time, your tummy needs to slowly gain back the momentum of digesting the food, so go slow during these post-detox period. Be kind to your stomach. Also, be aware that you might go to the toilet a lot during the detox period but note that it is normal.

I was told that some people might experience diarrhoea/diarrhea (lau sai) but personally I didn't. I went to the toilet a lot and my bowel system was really good with only very soft faeces, not liquid.

Yes, I admit that you will feel a little weight lost but not much. Again, this objective is to detox, not losing weight. I think it just works psychologically thinking that you are healthier because you laid off on meat and all the unhealthy food for 3 days. I personally didn't felt like I was really changed in any way nor did I felt like wonder women after the detox. I guess it gave me a satisfied feeling of achieving something and giving my body a rest.

I'm just gonna share on some healthier snacking ideas. These are some of the youtube gurus that I'm subscribe to and I think this can help alot if you are a junk food lover. Bear in mind that not all products we can find in Malaysia. Maybe I should go scout for healthy snacks and make a video on it? Should I?

Love Your Body Ladies!

Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm flying to Bali by Yuberactive

I'm Flying to BALI for FREE!
All Thanks to Yuberactive

All I did was joined their Youth Insight Survey and answered 2 questions on their FB for the Grand Prize!

Check the blogpost on Youth Insight Survey Grand Finale at Kopi Talk (Yuber's Blog)

Yuberactive started about a year ago and I was with them ever since their Glam Hunt event! I am currently still actively login on to their Yuberactive Facebook Page as well as Yuberactive Website. Why? Because they are constantly giving out movie tickets and beauty products that caters both men and women. I have to admit, I reaped quite a number of rewards from them already. By winning this trip, it is by far the AWESOMEST REWARD EVER!

Actually, I was given the choice of Bali or Phuket. I was like 'OMG, I can't decide!?' 

"Dear all, if you'e received a booklet by Max Generation or Revelation Rewards (Picture as above), kindly throw them away as they are of no good. It is through my personal experience. Yuberactive was not involve, they have no clue about them and have been consistently helping me in this case."

Still wondering what Yuberactive is?
Read this image :D
OR visit

Thank you Yuberactive! I can't wait for more events/activities/reviews from you! Hearts Yuber forever! YES, I AM A YUBER-ian. 
Join me by joining them!