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We R Malaysia The Musical: There is Hope

Hello Malaysia, 
Selamat Pagi/Petang, 
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hahaha, to goggle translate 'how are you' in chinese is 'you good' to get the correct translation!!!! LOLs.

So I was invited to a musical organized by Persatuan Perintis Bina Negara Melaka (PPBN) and their objective of this play is to create a platform for engaging the next generation in nation building. PPBN or better known as Nation Building Pioneers, a non-profit and non-government organisation establish by Malaysian youths for all Malaysians. 

The musical traces the history of Malaysian Chinese from the 1400's to the present day and recalls the struggles and sacrifices of earlier settlers and the different challenges faced by later generations. 

Before I continue, all the pictures were taken from Choulyew's Blog because clumsy me lost the CD they gave me. I will be more careful next time....

So this guy is the narrator of the play. I like the costume but I don't like the idea of him coming out with the same outfit as the story build and moved into the recent era because it kinda ruins the feel of that specific era suppose to be. Maybe he should change outfits according to era. Also, he kinda stumbled one time while narrating, too 'kanchiong' which made him no longer in character and rush through his lines. 

During that era of 1400's, Chinese people that time got money to buy guitar wan r?

I like that they try to portray that era by placing background people but is a pity that they do nothing but just stay at the background and mind their own business. I would prefer if they not clutter all together and if they are the back-up vocalist as well. They have their special choir/acapella team that comes out here and there when they need them. Maybe they could double as the background people? At least it will make the play looks like everyone is involved and nicer to watch when everyone on stage comes out and dance together rather than standing there and watch the person to completing their song. 

I understand that this have nothing to do with Malaysia but maybe their trying to portray the era of Elvis where his presents in the entertainment industry invaded our country. This era, everyone wants to be like lady gaga and that time everyone wants to be like Elvis. Though, as much as I appreciate the effort, I think this is one scene that can totally be scrapped off from the play and add in more story line in it that relates better to Malaysia. How about P.Ramlee? He is one of our nation's pride. :) 

This scene is about Malaysians being nosey attitude and keep comparing 'my children is better than yours'. This so true about Malaysian's chinese 'kia-su and kia-si' attitude. 

So I love plays that incorporates the Malaysian slang because it brings out our Malaysian identity. The problem how do you put in this informal rojak-slang but at the same time trying to maintain professionalism on stage? The thing is I like hearing my Malaysian slang being pronounced properly, sometimes plays tries to be too professional which make their characters to pronounce our Malaysian slang like some 'ang mo' trying to pronounce 'okay-lah'. 

Maybe because this is their first try on musical play, so I guess there is more to learn. Credit given for effort and confidence. Just be more natural in the future.  

Everybody loves this little boy!
Not the best singer but because he is a kid, he gets away with it. Everybody thinks that you are such an adorable little boy. Thank you for training a young kid to be apart of this play. :)

You see the group of people behind him, those are the special acapella team I was talking about, they comes out on and off as needed. 

I think the chose the right people for their character as they do look like their character but again, acting just needed to be a little more natural. and erm..... When you all in 'angmo' country, I don't feel like you all were in 'angmo' country. The snowing slide on powerpoint is not working. I understand there is really no easier way shed some snow but I guess you just really have to find another way to work it. Half the time I don't even watch the slide because they are not behind the play, they are place at the side-front of the play so my eyes choose not to divert to that area if the play was going on. 

So the halls is just not the best place for a play. Don't get me wrong, it was a big and beautiful hall and their stage is enormous, I literally envy the big space but for this play, the stage seemed too big for you. A lot of space is not being used which makes it empty and props was just too little to fill those empty spaces. The hall as just not an appropriate place for a play.    

I think this play's main target audience were the chinese societies as according to them, they say that different  community have various goal thus they have to present the play differently with different society but their main message that they are trying to portray is that "We R One". 

I wish them good luck and God bless for their future plays. 

Watch some of their videos to know more. 

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Thank you very much for your feedback and most importantly, thank you for gracing the event even though the jam and weather that night was horrible :)

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