Thursday, December 29, 2011

UFO: Taiwanese Snacks and Dessert


I was invited to a food testing some time ago and a bunch of us bloggers was just there knocking ourselves out with a whole lot of finger foods and bubble tea and bowls of icey goodness!

I got there kind of late and everyone was already there with their ordered food and the usual, NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO TOUCH THEIR FOODs until every picture is taken! Lols, that is what I love about bloggers gathering. Thanks to Benjamin Foo for his invitation. 

SO smart of them! Who wouldn't like Calamari Rings?! Fried SOTONG!

UFO MilkTea! 

This is the Mini QQ Special. 
The fun part about UFO is that they have the full size and mini specials!

Can you see the difference? This is the big version of the Taro Balls. However, I think a few of us don't prefer our grassjelly to be this big. We preferred it to be diced into smaller pieces. 

Chicken Fillet. Again! Who wouldn't like Fried Chicken!

Mini QQ Special Ocha-Ocha

I think this is Issac's Bowl of Icey Goodness. 
I remembered it because of the two big dumplings. 
For some reason, that day, he ordered all the dumplings he can. 

If you should know, this is another snack ordered by Issac. 
Sesame Glutinous with Peanut Toppings
And it was YUMMY.... 
Maybe because I like almost anything with sesame. 

This is something cool. 
Cheese Hot Dog. 
I know it is not something new but I don't know why but I personally do like them a lot. 

Now when it comes to fries. They are one hell of a master. UFO have a freaking wide range of flavoured fries. Unfortunately, we only managed to order a few types. 
Picture above is Cheese flavoured. 
You probably can see any difference here but order it for yourselves. You will know what I mean. 
This is my order, do you remember last time McD has this Seaweed shaker?
Oh how I miss that! and WoahLa! UFO has them and I just couldn't take my hands off them!
This is my FAVOURITE Seaweed Fries!

I think this is the Chilli Fries. Okay this is not much fancy with just the sprinkle of chilli powder but still, it is a freaking good snack! 
They have other flavours like Wasabi and BBQ. 
I'm surprise that none of us actually order those.  

The is the all time super famous drink 
The Pearl Milk Tea
It taste decent and it is way cheaper in price as compared to other commercialized bubble teas. 

Let's have a tour of all these beautiful and handsome bloggers attended the testing. 

The Menu :D 
now you can plan what you want before actually getting there and staring at the menu blankly. 

Btw, if you don't already know. UFO gives you the liberty to pick your own toppings!
I was literally blur blur while picking them as there were so many choices. 

Heads Up: For the Soya Series, it will get a bit 'too much' after a while because soya can tend to make you full sometimes. So you should really share that with a friend. 

Heads Up #2: For Matcha, unless you are a big fan of green tea and a big fan of drinking green tea doesn't count. Like me, I personally love drinking green tea because they are good for you but I hated them in any other forms of food like ice-cream or cakes. So, this is just a FYI. 

Don't forget to collect your UFO pager!

More Picture of Cute bloggers!

UFO Desserts & Drinks
Jalan SS2/60, SS2, 
47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
GPS : N03 07.119'  E101 37.437'
(Same row with CIMB Bank)

Opening hours: Daily 1pm - 1am


Nikel Khor said...

LIKE here!

Unknown said...

I enjoy reading your post, Jq... ^^ really... I love the way u elaborate, short and simple, the pics that you took... and all the information you gave... *clap clap*
I know UFO sells the cheapest milk tea....xP and snacks! I love UFO after reading your post, cz it's like combining McD, Snowflake and Chatime together!!! xDDD so fun man! ^^

Rebecca Saw said...

hhmm they dont have tht Sandakan tart thing anymore... :(

Evelyn G. said...

waaaaaaaa! Looks sooo nice, i wanna try but then SS2 . >< so far leh ..

FiSh said...

ehh not bad, more varieties than snowflakes and most importantly, their taroballs are larger than ever :P

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JQLeeJQ said...

Nikel, hahah! Thank you for the like.

Eunice, Thanks for the support, OH woah, it's true, never thought of the combination. Smart!

Rebecca saw, I saw your blog on this. Yeah, i was wondering if i could try tat. :(

Eve: come lets go together!

Fish: more stuf but some say tat is not as good. :)