Friday, December 9, 2011

Thunder Match Technology Sdn Bhd, Please read.

Dear Thundermatch, 

Bad serivce.

I wanted to buy an Asus N55 during the Pikom PC fair and I found out that I cant swipe my credit card because my limit is below the price rm2799 even when I opt of easy instalment. So I chose to deposit RM100 so I can get the same package as PC fair and it will be send to Aeon Bukit Tinggi in 3-4 days time. I was at PC fair on Sunday. I urgently needed the laptop for work and was hoping to be able to get my hands on the laptop by thursday latest.

I didnt get a call from anyone on thursday, so I called Aeon bukit Tinggi today (friday) to check if my laptop has arrived. The person picked up dont know anything, and I ask what can I do about it, and he say he dont know cause they will ONLY KNOW IF GIVEN ORDERS. (Excuse me, cant you call your HQ and Check?!) I didnt wanted to give them a hard time so I just call HQ in Times Square and enquire.

I was even furious calling Times square, They also say they not sure and ask me to wait for their call once the laptop has arrive. So I ask when will it arrive, should be monday cause we dont open on week ends (Excuse me, your shop is in malls, malls open 7 days a week) Even if your Driver dont work on weekends, you should have sent it during the week days so I can collect it on the weekends.

I ask what can i do now. They say they will check, take down my details and say will call back. I ask when will you call back? they say asap. I ask Asap means when? By today? they say yeah.

I will be extremely unhappy with the service if he dont call me back today. I will also be unhappy if I cant get my laptop by this week end because I also have a job to complete. Do you think it takes 5 minutes to install all my software needed?

So I finally got my call back and they say shipping delay (why did some else tell me that finance department haven process?) The latest can reach Aeon Bukit Tinggi Klang is next Wednesday. (Are you kidding me? Is bad enough I have to wait till monday and now you are telling me to wait longer?) I mean really, can't you get someone to send personally to Aeon bukit tinggi? Is like a freaking must to wait for your lorry? So only you lorry driver can drive?

They can afford to tell me this, if want faster have to go to times square to get it on monday. I am like excuse me, the reason of me paying deposit is as agreed for you to send the laptop to Klang. Who is going to pay for my travelling fee?

I ask for benefit compensation, nice, a wireless mouse. What am I going to do with the wireless mouse? In fact I hate wireless mouse, are you going to give a lifetime of triple A batteries for the wireless mouse?

I think the only good thing is that their staff know how to apologies sincerely and speak nicely to their customers. Not all of their staffs, some don't know anything and didn't even suggest to help me up. 

Thunder Match technology, you better do something about your service as I know I am not the only one. There are so many complaints. Even if you have the largest amount of branches in Malaysia, you are still not the leading company when your service is not up to standard.

For person in charged, if you are reading this, please do something, fast.

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