Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Slimming candy that Sucks

Hey all,

This review is about Shills Slimming Candy. The reason why I bought and try them cause I love Abbott Calcium Milky Chew (Calcium intake in a candy form) and overseas, they have tons of these supplement candies for a more fun time taking your daily supplements.

I tried it some time ago and the taste just doesn't work for me. I don't want it to go to waste so planning to give out to whoever is willing to try and see if this slimming candy works. Just watch the video and see how you can get some. Maybe is just my taste, you might like how it taste.



ann-cheaerng said...

can i give it a try? been wanting to try all these candy stuff but havent got the guts to buy it in case i,like you going to hate it..and i'm wondering if u rmb me!! :D

Orange said...

I wanna try it :D
my email address is

JQ Lee said...

Chea ann, OF COURSE I REMEMBER YOU! HAHA, just give me you email. I will email you on how our meet up to pass to you. :)

Orange, sure will email u soon~