Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Remember M-Fest? It was Awesome

Malaysia Music Festival

A place where youths are able to bring their talent to the next level. True enough, the top 9 finalist were given a chance to perform with some of the biggest names in the local music industry such as Gary Chaw, Yuna, Z Chen, Victor Wong, Fang Jiong Bin, Bunkface, Danny One, Thomas and Jack and Gin Lee!

Personal opinion, it was a fantastic event. The sound system was amazing and performance was really good. The crowd were cheering as well but the event hall was quite empty. It wasn't as many people as I thought it would be. The VIP seats were sad but luckily they allowed the Rock zone people to enter and get closer. Everything was really good except the number of attendance. What a pity, this such amazing event was missed by many. I don't blame them, maybe it was because there were so many other big events going on the same night.

I just want to say it was a really well done job. I am sure the organizers have spent a lot for this stage and everything. It was just bad luck to clash with other events.

Btw, one more thing, your Booklet sucked to the max! It is all just advertisement and my PM note. Useless. Please fill in more things like the event itinerary and top 9 finalist name.

Ps: I love..... Love love love the dresses everyone was wearing on stage! So funk yet fabulous!

 Your top 9 finalist. 

The 2 emcees


Thomas and Jack

One of the top 3 finalist 

A top 9 finalist sang with Yuna

She blew my mind that night. Now I know how awesome she is. 
Never thought that she could sing so well. 
Finally believed in Malaysia's Talent

One of the top 3 finalist
I voted for her.
Her voice was just over the top, such a talent should be supported. 

Tracy (mah friend) singing with Victor Wong. 
While everyone was shouting for Victor in chinese, I shouted Tracy!!!!!!!!!!
She was another top 9 finalist.

OMG they are the ATM. 
Great performer, reminds me of Black Eyed Peas. 
They are all international students from various countries. 
One can freaking rap, one can freaking sing, another one can freaking beatbox. 
Loving you all, I loved your performance but Im sorry my vote wasn't for you as I only can vote one time.

Oh oh oh!
I think he is super cute!
One of the top 9 finalist. 
When he sang, I was like heart melted.
But what a pity, he is shy on stage. 

I'm sorry that some of my pictures got no captions as I don't know all the performers name. Most chinese artist I blur blur cause I don't really follow chinese songs.

Support local music!
For those didn't make it for Mfest, you missed it big time!

Peak into Mfest


Henry Lee said...

i heard mfest was good... local music is one step ahead! :)

Isaac Tan said...

such a pity it wasn't attended by many. I'm sure the music was awesome!

Unknown said...

Mfest was awesome!!!! <3 hola...wish i were there..=(

LauraLeia said...

The guys before the ATM pic is Z Chen. Man, wish I could've been there. I would go just to listen to him, and of course, Victor Wong. XD

Xue Ren said...

I always like Malaysia singers! some of them are really talented! :)

michleong said...

Looks fun! Too bad I've got exams, or not would have joined you guys :D

JQLeeJQ said...

Henry & xueren, It was really good....
Issac, I know right, so few ppl.
Eunice & laura & Michelle, you all missed it!

3unhps said...

Thank youuuu so muchhh for the posttt!!!

PS. I'm the finalist that sang wit yuna. :)

3unhps said...

Ohhhhh cool!!!! You're Tracy's friend!!!!! :D

Another Taylor's senior that I would probably meet soon! :)

I completely agree wit u about the booklet thing btw! :D

JQLeeJQ said...

Hey 3unhps (sorry dunno what to call u) hahahaha. Yup I know tracy. hahah Crap man I am old in Taylors d. :D come say hi to me if you see me and say "hey, I am the girl who say with yuna" I will give you a big hug! cause you sing so well! Congrats in Top 9, keep doing your best! tell me when you first album is out! :)

3unhps said...

Hahahah!! Hi Nia Angel!

I'm Eunice. :)
Thank youuuu!!! You're not old la.. I just call u senior coz u went to Taylor's before me. XD

Hahahah!!! I will remember to redeem a hug from u wit that sentence then!! :D

Love your blog!!! :D

JQLeeJQ said...

I hope to see u soon eunice! Thank you for dropping by my blog!