Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Maybeline New York Fashion

From Catwalk to Sidewalk - Fashion's Hottest Beauty Trends!

The #1 makeup brand in the world Maybeline brings its New York Fashion Week beauty trends to women everywhere through its versatile and fun makeup selection. 
Try it for yourself!

Get the look from them
G.I Jane
It's all about military khaki green.
Outstanding eyes and everything else simple, clean and fresh.

Party Princess
Subtile, sweet yet confident and ready to own the dance floor
Undressing the face keeping it fresh with subtle pink and girlish accents.

Sexy Starlet
You'll Dazzle.
It's about ultra high shine and reflection. 
Glossy lips, shiny lids or metallic accent on the corners of the eyes

Maybeline has been around for many years and I do agree that they have a wide range of collections and colour to play with. Heavy eye makeup is no longer just for the catwalk, try these daring looks for a dinner event or special cocktail party. Step up and don't go looking just okay, stand out!

Eyeliners and mascara are the love of many women out there as they dramatically transform your look without any other makeup needed. 

As much as I love Maybeline, I still feel that in Malaysia, they are selling price is quite pricey. Overseas, they are a drugstore brand that is constantly on sale or buy one get one free. Sad case that I'm here or I will try all their products out. 

Inconjuction with the Fashion show, they introduce their new mascara and eyeliner. 

The FALSIES Volume Express
You can get a glamorous false lash effect in just 30 seconds. So you don't need that fake lashes no more. 
Thicker, curlier and more intense real lashes!

 Holding ingredient for lifted, arched lashes. 
1. Gel Matrix- gives lashes generous charge and buildability.
2. Multiwax blend- hard and soft waxes to help maintain the curl.
3. Setting polymer- maximises lifted look for long lasting hold.

Building ingredient for stronger, bolder volume. 
1. Pro Keratin Fibers- fills in the gaps between lashes.
2. Ceramides- strengthen and conditions each time is applied. 

Spoon Curler Brush
More Volume and Lift
1. use shorter bristled side of brush applying generously on lash roots.
2. Turn brush to the longer bristled to coat lashes.
3. Use brush on flat side to press and set the lashes in a perfect curve.

MasterLiner - Black/Brown
Creamy kohl eyeliner that glides on smoothly for easy and mistake-proof results.

I managed to get my hands on both mascara and masterliner during the fashion show. I will be trying them out and reviewing them next time. The only one thing I really want to try is their Hyper Sharp Liner. *cries.


Henry Tan said...

sidewalk? what's that? lol

JQLeeJQ said...

Is like trying to tell ppl that its not only for the catwalk. :)