Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Apartments In Cameron Highlands

Strawberries? Fresh Vegetables? Cool air?

Doesn't it sounds wonderful?

I don't understand why some people would say Cameron Highlands is boring. I mean, I don't deny that it doesn't have all the awesome rides and casino like Genting but don't you think you need the peace and quiet sometimes? I love Genting too but I also love Cameron Highlands.

In Cameron Highlands, I am able to walk without complaining 'hot ar' or 'sei lor, Im sweating like mad' or 'crap la, my arms and thighs are burning!' The breeze are the amazing part of the place.

I remember having a youth camp once in Cameron and definitely one of the best memories because we were all needed to play one game called "hydro war". It is a war game between groups and water guns were our attacking machine to bring the other groups down. Hydrowar had always been fun but playing in Camerons was a darn stupid idea, by the end of the game, we were all freezing to death. Worst, we all had to walk back to the camp site. Hahahah!

OMGosh, I also remember there was once my family and I went up there without booking any place to stay in advanced, we ended up rounding Camerons for a reasonable place to stay. Being a bit noob, we only know all the commercial places to stay, I mean back then, we didn't know anything about Homestay or Cameron Highlands Apartments. We were mostly looking at hotels or motels. Sad case we ended up needed to pay so much for a sucky place. Maybe also it was because it could be peak season or something.

I feel these days, homestays or short term rental is the place to go. No point paying so much for a square bedroom, why not use the same amount of money to get a whole apartment while your stay in cameron highlands. It makes it more fun as most of the Cameron Highlands Apartments allows you to cook and some have washing machine if you planning to stay slightly long term.

Whether are you in a group or just the two of you, it doesn't hurt to have a bigger place to enjoy at a reasonable price. :)

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