Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Enuca Update Review

Pi pop Pi pop Pi Pop....

Hello everyone, I hope you have been doing well!

I am just updating you on some of Enuca's product that I have been trying lately. I've talked about a haul last time, you can check them out here.

In the video, I am also doing an Enuca Serum giveaway! Enuca was kind enough to sponsor me some products for a giveaway to my readers!

First Enuca Giveaway will be their star product, Lift Me Up Serum 7ml (sample size). If you don't already know, they are also selling their sample size which cost RM88 per cute little bottle.

I have said before in my previous Enuca video, their Lift Me Up serum works very well for aging skin. I saw my friends experiencing it, it was just amazing to see the instant result.

Want to win a Lift Me Up Serum 7ml cost Rm88? Here is how: 

1. Like Enuca's FB page:
2. Follow my this blog.
3. Watch video above to find out how!

Sign up as member with Enuca to get Member's Privilege.
You can get 10-15% discount!
For more info: - Website - Blog - Youtube


ann-cheaerng said...

Enuca product is fresh and VERY PRETTY! i am curious about how it will lift my eyes up as i have tried soo many different products but i still look super tired T.T i wana give this a try and if it works, then Enuca has found themselves a new customer :D

Isaac Tan said...

awesome, and Janice has some of these too! :P

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Xue Ren said...

Woots! Thanks for organising the giveaway JQ! :)

Well, when I first heard about Enuca, to be honest, I don't have any confident to try those products out. For me, its just like, some kind of new product(without any guarantee) released to the market. But then, after all the stuffs u did (including blog post, review, video), and seriously I feel like trying it out. Those products seems, not bad. :)
And since you are giving away the Lift Me Up serum, I would definitely want to try it out! Hopefully I have the opportunity to try it out then blog and share to everybody about Enuca product! *fingers crossed!* =)

life-muses said...

their serum is splendid! :)

Meera said...

Enuca...sounds nice..i bet this serum also work the best...i wonder how their lose no more hair fall shampoo...i really wish cud giev a try...:)