Saturday, December 31, 2011

Blush Paper & Mistletoe Kiss by Michelle Phan

If this existed long time ago, please give me a slap cause I literally just found out 2 weeks ago about this BLUSH PAPER!

Image 1

I googled it and this is one of them selling blush paper:

As I was watching Michelle Phan's Video, at one point she was using a blotting sheet to create a matte look for her lips and another moment, she was tearing of Blush Paper from the same blotting sheet! I was like "Woah, wait wait, REWIND!"

It so awesome to know that she now has her face on a Lancome Box with all amazing cosmetic goodies inside. I feel among all beauty gurus, she is one of the most daring ones. She does all kind of costume look with wigs and all kinds of accessories that not everyone is willing to try. 

I love other beauty gurus like Elle, Holly, Megan, Rae, Charlotte and MszJackieChu but Michelle definitely win in the best videography because of the short story that comes along with her tutorials that makes it extra interesting to watch. I think she does voice over most of the time and I like her constant changing background that fits the theme. Maybe because I a partially in the broadcasting field, I pay some attention to the music as well. I like her choice of music and I do like some of her songs as well. 

Maybe I should do a "my fav beauty guru" blogpost and say why. :D Should I? 

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