Monday, December 19, 2011

Bizzy Body Making your Dreams a Reality

Wyann International Crowns Bizzy Body Ambassador Search 2011/12 Grand Winner

Since 2007, Bizzy Body's Ambassador Search  Campaign has changed the lives of many Malaysian women in various aspects and this year marks the 4th year running of the search. 

Other than special guest appearance by Hong Kong Starlet, Jessica Hsuan, they also have other local celebrities joining  the event. People like Winnie Loo, Nadine Ann Thomas, Tony Eusoff, Kevin Zahri, Wilson Tan and Sharifah Shawati were there as judges for Bizzy Body. 

This event not only motivates them to shed the extra kilos but it is also a platform for these women to gain confidence that was once lost due to weight issues. With strong passion for helping women look and feel beautiful inside out, Bizzy Body has developed a concept known as the Bizzy Body  Promise and it's famous 'It's not what you lose, it's what you gain' tagline and has since continued to transformed the lives of many women by providing them with the once lost self-esteem and confidence.

By the way, during the event, they have this creepy Lady Gaga performance. I'm sorry, I don't like the weird dressing, head bands that looks like they have migraine and the sunglasses is just not working.

Some chit-chat session with our local celebrities. 

Top 20 finalists of Bizzy Body Ambassador Search had the opportunity of their lifetime when they were chosen for an exclusive international photoshoot in Manila, Philippines. 4 subsidiary titles were also crowned in Manila on the 16 October 2011 at the Genting Club in Resort World Manila. Miss Best Smile, Miss Bizzy Body Hospitality, Miss Bizzy Body Outstanding and Miss Bizzy Body Friendship.

Of course, they were also giving out a few other subsidiary titles on that glamorous night.

Screams** Jessica Hsuan!

And the winner goes to.......

Congratulations to everyone and Bizzy Body finding their Ambassador!


Koh Kian Fai said...

waa got 宣萱!!! I think it would worth it after saw 宣萱 in da house? :P

Xue Ren said...

I love Jessica Hsuen too! Its awesome that u can meet her in person! =D

JQLeeJQ said...

I had the intention to meet her but i had family dinner so i had to leave early, didnt get to see her. :(

CheaYee said...

i had kerfuffle with Bizzy Body coz i wrote a post on their really bad service in Taman Desa around 2009.

it actually got picked up by their media dept and the manager of the outlet i went to was aware of it.. After that she was very careful with what she said to

Yeah, i am a former client of Bizzy body.