Thursday, December 15, 2011

Aladdin the Musical & Kellies Castle

I was having my break with my mom in Perak the other week visiting my brother and his family. On the way back, I was Kellies Castle sign and I went 'oh Kellies Castle! I've never been there before!' My mom spontaneously just turned into that direction, I was like '????!! NOW?' xD Love her!

Anyway, to cut the story short, reached there and the price ticket was less than RM10 and both of us ended up did not go in because don't feel like paying to go in.... so... we just read the articles posted at the entrance and left. I know. LOLs! Nice Castle though. :)

That's an irrelevant intro to my main story.

Remember my post about meeting the Aladdin cast? My real show was sadly not on the opening gala, it was on 2 dec. Though, better than nothing :)

As expected, the stage looked extremely grand and well done to the max. I guess they really make used every part of the stage, leaving no empty space for the audience to stare at.

I love how they have 2 curtains, a white that is slightly transparent and a maroon curtain behind the white. They LCD projected designs onto the curtains and only opened the maroon curtains while aladdin was in the cave and opened it when jafaar left. *I think you will only understand if you have watched it* Very creative.

Of course, a play I can't record anything for you.

They ended with a little Christmas gift for us. Everyone was in white for the final song and it was so nice of them to sprinkle down some white snow for us. Also, there were bubbles blowing from the back of the blue zone seats. Which helped make everything seem so magical.

There was loads of interaction between the stage and the crowd, made everything fun and lively to watch.

Of course, I was mostly anticipated for the genie to arrive and I just loved that he could rap billionaire song! Amazing. I think it is my favourite genie of all time.

I think the play was just okay, sad to say. I loved the costumes and fire spitting and stuff but just talking about the play was really just so-so. I do have a feeling it was because of my high hopes from meet the cast. In some ways, some of the bloggers and I agreed that they did better in meet the cast session than the actual play.

I understand that their storyline is quite rushing and there seemed to be loads of scene wasn't being able to portray in the musical. As much as I love the mainstream music but it would be nice if they have more classic songs like "A whole new world" was shown that day.

I was quite disappointed at the flying carpet though, I really thought that they made it till can flying around the whole amphitheater. The carpet only moved up down left right within a limited area.

During the meet the cast session, I heard that they have some starwars fighting scene and yes, they had but it was really lame. I'm sorry to break the news but aladdin held the sword and did some moves and fought some ke-le-feh in SLOW MOTION. I thought he was going to fight like ninja with jafaar! I tell you my imagination can go wild and I am sorry that it did not meet my expectation on certain parts of the musical. I think is me having to much imagination, putting the bars high.

Overall, I loved their costumes and stage settings. OMG How can I forget their props are amazing! Real animal, though... no monkey.... but is not easy to train one. :)

I still did enjoyed myself because of the fake snow and pretty looking stage!

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ken said...

there's nothing much inside kellie's castle.. it's like a'famosa fort in malacca, just that you have to pay to get in :P

aladdin, watched it - despite the modernization, shorten storyline and amusing scenes, i had an enjoyable time watching it.. i went there with low expectations i think :)