Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sakae Sushi Launches First iPad Ordering System

Ipad 2? YES iPad 2!!!

Experience the all new Japanese dining experience with Sakae Sushi's latest innovation- the iPad interactive menu. Browse, select and order with just the touch of a finger!

This allows you to view the illustration and description of each item before placing their orders directly to the kitchen.

 Just like the computer system but better as this is trendier and cooler. You can flip them like a page, choose something by just tapping on it and zoom by pinching. Using this feel like you are going online shopping as all chosen orders goes into a cart and changes can be made with your orders or confirming them in the cart list.

I don't know how is this a 2-way communication set up because is not like I can chat with the chefs in the kitchen. I still feel that it is just one-way comm as I am just placing my orders to the kitchen.

However, undeniable fact is the brilliant display on the sleek device and the search engine I believe can be very helpful to find you favourite dish. I think that it's great that Sakae Sushi is being more modern by innovating new ways to improve their customer's dining experience. 

Also, hehe, one good part for iPhone users or iPad users, you can now charge your battery there for free :D Lol.

This iPad ordering system is currently available in Sakae Sushi The Curve, Berjaya Times Square and Sunway Pyramid. Don't worry more outlet to come as well.

If you are a Sakae fan, why don't you go down to the nearest available iPad ordering system and try it out!

Photos from the event


Nikel Khor said...

ipad for ordering, sound GOOD

LauraLeia said...

So high tech! XD
But if e.g. I dont want pickles in my rice, how leh..... If normal waiter i can just tell him/her. Hmm.......

FiSh said...

nice meeting u that day :D

Camy said...

cool laaaa. high tech nowadays

MichLeong said...

Went to the one in Pyramid the other day, was so fascinated about the ipad system, that we didn't realised that it wasn't open yet (it was 11.15am) -____- Decided not to eat, because we couldn't wait. haha..But its a very hightech system. Even I don't have ipad and they have it on every table. lol

Carina said...

Cool stuff! Can I play the games fro Ipad too?

JQ Lee said...

Nikel, Camy, hello, yup!

Laura, I know, that is why it is not very 2-way comm. I still feel like is not interactive.

Fish, Nice meeting u too!

Mich Leong, STEAL! haha! Go play with it.

Carina, Too bad Cant la. Cause they seal the main menu button d. :)