Monday, November 21, 2011

Rimmel Extra WoW Lash

Rimmel London
Extra WOW Lash
Lash Building Mascara

We women love trying out new cosmetics and that includes me. I love to share my thoughts on them too. :D

Definitely Eye Catching.

Tapered at the end
Brush type not plastic comb
Lots of bristles
Size is slightly bigger than common

Some people say that its formula is wet but I personally feel like it is on the drier side. It could also be that because the brushes do not pick up as much product as once due to its bigger wand and more bristles. I like that it is at the drier side so that it doesn't make my lashes droopy.

I don't like the common packaging but I do like that it is very eye catching. I think that it is in a good size, not overly big for easy travelling.

I like the bigger brush size because I don't have to go over every corner of my upper lashes forever till I get it coated but sadly made it slightly harder to apply on my lower lashes.

I love that it separates my lashes perfectly and lengthens it amazingly but I'm not quite sure that it helps in making your lashes fuller. It also doesn't naturally have the agent to curl my lashes up so you will have to pre-curl them.

I don't really think it is much build-able for volume but you can definitely built on length with this. I do agree that it does give a soft natural result. I don't see how it can make it dramatic.

I did try everything with the right technique, trying to get the volume but failed. After a long day, I see that it does smudged a little at the bottom lash area. This probably because it is not waterproof.

I feel Rimmel Waterproof Sexy Curves does a much better job and the packaging is so pretty!

Original Lashes 

 One coat mascara

Two coats

Side profile 


Hilda Milda™ said...

I like the packaging, especially with the big WOW word (:

LauraLeia said...

I tried this too, and it works pretty well! :D

JQLeeJQ said...

Hilda, I know right, packaging look nice with the word. haha.
Laura, Okay la, not the best but is an alright mascara. :)