Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kyoto Protocol is the BOMB


Truth OUT! Yes I love loud, rock-ish music but I don't fancy all of them. Some I still will feel that they are super annoying.

So here am I talking about our very own Kyoto Protocol. Hehe, it is definitely because I am addicted to one of their song titled "Pussycat".

Other songs doesn't really leave much impact on me cause I know when I was driving, I just can't wait to hear Pussycat only! haha! The music is damn 'Chun' k! I sang along somemore.

Here's their song and music video

Bit disappointed with their MV though but I guess is a start. They made it as simple and funny as possible. Hopefully their future MV will be better. :)

I got to know their band during an event and hearing them live was amazing. They sounded really good! I moving my head and tapping my feet their entire performance. That's where I feel in love with PUSSYCAT too :D.

Stalk them? 


Shopaholic said...

Their video is crazy funny la!! XD

JQLeeJQ said...

IT IS FUNNY LA, They are fun ppl! but i do wish that it was bit more of better quality. :)