Friday, November 25, 2011

Face to Face: Re-shaping and Slimming Treatment

I was invited my MyCoupon to try out the Face to Face Facial Slimming treatment at the Scotts Garden, Old Klang Road. A pretty interesting experience as Facial slimming is not something you usually hear about.

Sometimes we wish that we have a sharper face so that we can fit a certain hair cut or sunglasses. Unlike your body, you can’t structure your face by exercising or not eating. Well, wish no more because it’s becoming reality now. Thanks to the advanced technology, we now can have it with Face to Face Re-shaping and slimming facial treatment.

The facial lasted about an hour and 15 minutes and I’m not going to lie by sugar coating the fact and provide you a fairytale just to find yourself burning during the Fat burn therapy. However, it is assured of the results of a slimmer jaw line. It started off with a soothing Facial Deep Cleansing with a hint of massage on the temples of your head. The scent of the cleanser sent my mind of to relaxation and serenity. 

Next comes the Fat Burn Therapy or you may call the miracle working, the key to this facial purpose. Applying heating gel on to the entire cheeks, jaw and neck helps in burning the excess fats on our face. To speed up the process, a machine is used to massage the bottom area of our face where the gel was applied. With a little force, pushing the skin at the jaw line and neck downwards will allow shaping and slimming of the face. Heating gel will slowly heat up with the machine constant massage. If it comes to the point of unbearable heat, fear not, just inform the facialist and they will help reduce the heat to your comfort level. 

After massaged for about 10-15 minutes on each side, we moved on to a cooling mask where it helps to reduce the redness and heat from the therapy. The mask is left till semi dry and a serum is then applied to regenerate or renew the worked skin.

The final result really depends on how the massage and heat treatment goes. It would also be harder for those with a square shaped face but a slimmer face can still be achieved as face fats will be burned. The best part about getting this facial treatment is that your face will stay slim without worrying of it growing fat again. J Don’t you think is worth the try? 

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chocotheclown said... it works?

bendan said...

Haha... yea, it works? What do you think?? XP

JQLeeJQ said...

seriously it works. But as I said it is a bit of a painful process la. haha! Tahan like mad!

Also, it really depends on your face bone shape. It can only help burn your face fats or whatever that is making your face chubby. I was lucky that I have sharper jawline so it is easier to shape my face. Can see slight slimmer at my jawline.

I ask the person if it will fat back, u know like the body, slim d can fat again wan mah. hahaha! so she say no, it wont fat back, it will remain slim!

Some people may need to do few times to see the full effect so depends on individual :)

emilyharrie said...

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