Saturday, November 19, 2011

Enuca Smart Beauty

Luxury is yours

Enuca was born after learning how modern women these days is always on the go. We don't have time to slowly go through all the skin care steps anymore. We need something that works and better still, works fast. Enuca is able to provide you instant lifting, instant hydrating with only few key products to hold on too. They are your holy grail item.

Check them out:

Enuca organized a few personal skincare and makeup workshop past few weeks and I was involved. Driving down all the way to Cheras where their HQ is located, just beside the Bonita group warehouse was definitely worth it.

First of all, they call their place the Enuca White House. They did took lots of effort by turning the used to be warehouse into a modern Victorian white house.

They posted up a video on one of the workshop and you can check them out below

I personally managed to enquire a few products and am currently testing them out to give you a review later. At the moment, once I reach home after the event, I recorded a First Look video for you to have a general overview on the products I have.

To know more about Enuca and the science behind it. I am posting another video done by Enuca to give to you a deeper understanding of the brand.

Have you tried this before? 
What do you think about them? 


Lavender said...

Wow, nice recording. I still cannot figure out how to upload my recording.

JQLeeJQ said...

hey thanks! are u uploading on youtube or direct to blog? :)

FiSh said...

wow you're towards your way of vlog d :) all the best!


JQLeeJQ said...

Fish, Thanks!haha Trying my best not to bore u all :)