Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shills meet Beauty Bloggers: product review

They have been promoting their new Bio-Active Stem Cell Combat Series for quite some time now and I have tried the full range for about 2 times during their launching and this Meet Beauty Bloggers event. I honestly think that it will be a good range to try or start if you are looking for an anti-aging and skin renewal skin care range. Of course, you don't need to buy the whole range which includes the  BB cream & powder, the basic essence, eye treatment and recovery cream will do the trick.

Picture below is the Shills Bio-Active Stem Cell Combat Essence 50ml
It enhances skin elasticity, comes with DNA repairing capability and reduces skin damage caused by sunlight. Its infused with Arbutin, chamomile extract which help to correct skin dullness creates an awaken skin with pure white luminosity.
Texture is light-weighted and watery consistency.

Picture below: Shills Bio-Active Stem Cell Combat Eye Treatment 30ml
It helps improve skin texture around eyes, fine lines and dullness, increase skin elasticity and slow down aging process.
Texture is thick and creamy, advised to not put so much. Don't be greedy and think that the more you apply the better results you will get cause it doesn't work that way!

It's damn thick. Good la so can use longer of the whole pot.

Picture below is the Shills Bio-Active Stem Cell Combat Recovery Cream 50ml
It promotes skin regeneration and protection. Helps prevent and reduce wrinkles, laxity and aging sign. It also reduces fine lines for youthful skin. Effectively repair the aggravation from environmental factor and improves dull complexion.
Texture is thick but not as thick as the eye cream. Very creamy as well but doesn't leave and oily after feel.

Picture below is the Shills Bio-Active Stem Cell Combat BB Cream SPF50 PA++ 30ml
Contains hydrating, concealing and whitening functions, high in SPF sunscreen, long lasting UV protection and a non-sticky base that aids longer lasting foundation. This BB Cream also acts as a repairing product where it reduces fine lines and wrinkles, corrects skin dullness, spots and helps brighten the skin.
Common foundation texture but with a smooth velvet finish to touch. Seriously, it feels really good to touch.

This is one of the item that I got to try and reviewed about it in my video on youtube.

Picture below: Shills Bio-Active Stem Cell Anti-UV Two Way Cake SPF50 PA++
This powder helps form a protective barrier for sensitive skin with light diffusing technology to brighten skin instantly, camouflaging skin's imperfection. It is a portable way for a brighter skin. It comes in unique palatte where it has three colours. If you have average asian skin tone, the bottom most will suit best as powder and the other 2 as contouring and highlight for a more structured face.

Below are the Newly launched products

Picture below is the Ice Whitening Skin Renewal Spray 250ml
My ABSOLUTE Fav product! 
Cooling skin, effectively decrease skin temperature and tighten pores. Full of mineral, improved moisture balance. Oil control and maintain perfect make up, keep fresh whole day. Plants extract hydrate dry skin effectively.

Hyluronic Acid, Silk extract: Deep hydrating and moiturizing.
Arnica Extract: Promote blood circulation and Anti inflaming. 
Grape Seed Extract: Anti Oxidant

Got this to try and did a video review about this as well. Check it out video above.

Shake well and spray! It comes out like SNOW!!!!

Most suitable for Malaysian freaking Hot weather!

Shills 3M Bubble Body Scrub

Super fine bubble texture: Easy go into pores, bring out excess oil and impurities. Papaya and pumpkin enzyme: Melting dead skin cells in gentle way. Hamamelis extract: anti oxidant and anti inflaming. Specially used on knees, elbows and other rough or black body skin, gently dissolving the dead skin, easy step to form a translucent radiance skin!

This is what happens after you massage onto your skin. Grey particles starts to appear! Scrub scrub scrub...

The last item launch is the Shills Instant Pink (2 in 1 Repair Essence&Instant Pink Essence) 
This can be to brighten and create a pink effect on your nipples or lips. Before using, cleansing should be done first. My experience, the 2in1 repair essence will create a scrub like peeling feel to get rid of the dead skins and smooth your lips roughness. The instant pink does give the tint of pink after a while applying it. I would suggest wiping off the residue of 2in1 essence after massaging the lips before applying the instant pink.

Pictures from the event!

The black series, I want to try it so...... much...


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