Friday, October 7, 2011

Paul and Joe

This is what happened at Paul & Joe Autumn 2011 Collection "Manhattan" Tea Party Make Up Demo.

A very light swatch of the eye shadows. I was kind of 'paise' to go and 'suka-suka' swatch the colours. I will have to get used to it!

I have to admit the lipsticks are pretty. Very very pretty.

According to Jess, this primer is good and yes, it felt so light and soft.

I want this gloss for Christmas pls! They look so darn cool. It's blue gloss with lots of glitter.

As usual, Paul and Joe is famous for their irresistible packaging. Some may even buy just because the packaging is so attractive. It really does make every collection unique and special! 


Jessying said...

Did you buy any ??? hehehe

JQ Lee said...

haha, no. Cant afford la. Haihz... will wait for Christmas/Birthday to ask as presents. :D

LauraLeia said...

So nice. T__T I wanted to sign up for the workshop, but bo lui edi, lol. And dad won't sponsor for this kind of stuff. XD Isetan has their clearance sometime during beginning of the year, so maybe can grab them at that time. :D

JQ Lee said...

Laura, I had fun :D If you sign up at least you can test the new colours so you know what you want next time :)

Hehe, cool, I will try to wait for the sale!