Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Happiest Moment

I guess when we talk about happiest moment, usually we don't only have one, we will always have a few. It's no different with me, I treasure even just those little things. Let me tour you through few of my happiest moments in my life.

Happy Moment #1

People in Love
This picture was taken back in January this year and we were pretty new in the relationship. Terrible gf like me wants to give him a back-ache as I love piggy-backs. Well, he was nice and carried me for probably about 20 steps. Even though it was just for a short moment, I cherish this picture because I don't want to lose this memory. If you are wondering, we are still going strong.

Happy Moment #2

People having Fun
This was taken in 2008 (3 years back), we had a BBQ party to celebrate the completion of Semester one of  Foundation in College. Just 3 months, as classmates we all bonded so well and I guess it was time to start throwing your friends into the POOL! Fun Times.

Happy Moment #3

People taking weird pictures for a contest? 
Haha, okay, maybe it's not my happiest moment because I did not win anything for that contest but I guess I like this picture because it reminded me of how 'gang ho' I can be when I wanted to win a new phone so badly!

Happy Moment #4

People that keeps Friendship close to them
Friends come and go but there are those few that are worth keeping in touch with. As much as we hate some of each other's attitude/character but what the heck, we understand each other. Also, there are those that further their studies at some other place, you can still connect through social networking :) Meeting up once in a while would be good.

And lastly,  if I were to vote for 
My Happiest Moment
it would be the picture below. 

These are not just any ordinary people
One word to describe them
This picture is about 2 years old, the rare moments where my family as a whole could gather, travel and take a full family picture. Hehe, the camera was set in timer mode and quickly we ran into position to TRY to take a random, weird, superhero pose. HAHAHA, obviously FAILED cause some members don't know how to camwhore!

Everyone of us cherish this picture a lot because as I said, it was really one of the super duper rare moments for us to be able to gather. What more for a picture! Especially now, one is married with a baby staying in Perak, another married living in her own home, one out of the house for his studies, and me being so busy with my own activities. It's hard to have the whole family to even just have a dinner together.


What about you? Care to share your happiest moment with me by describing it in the comments below?


Unknown said...

Now that there is a very happy post. full of smileys

JQLeeJQ said...

benjamin, haha, yeah. Thanks! :)