Friday, October 7, 2011

Hugo Boss Just Different

See things differently with the new male fragrance

Vibrant, unexpected and extraordinary new fragrance "Just Different" is a follow up to the global best selling original "Hugo Man". Hugo have always portrayed an avant-garde yet confident style and this new fragrance embraces  a contemporary attitude with an unconventional, surprising and fresh scent that suppose to help inspires you to see things differently, through different perspectives.

I was invited by Ming to attend the launching event. Thank you Ming!

Suresh and I, we car pooled!

Me and Rachel!

Me, Jess, Jeffery Yan

Suresh, Sam, Me, Sin Hooi, Jackie. (Finally remember their names, Thanks Sinhooi for reminding me on FB)

Ming and Me

An amazing event. Not enough food though.


LauraLeia said...

That last sentence was the most important one!

JQ Lee said...

hahahahaha! Damn fast right u comment!

LauraLeia said...

Coz it showed up on my Blogger Dashboard XD

Hilda Milda™ said...

Do you guys get to bring back a bottle of Hugo Boss fragrance then? :P

JQ Lee said...

laura, no wonder. haha. I hardly check my dashboard.

Hilda, YES! we all got a free full size but not all got the new "just diff" some gotten the old version hugo men

Shuwen said...

Love your purple dress !! :))

cutebun said...

Cool event! Hugo Boss launch! So the smell nice?

JQ Lee said...

Hey Shuwen, Thanks! Thought it was abit were edited bit to not show my bra. =_= haha

Hey cutebun, Yeah I loved the event! It is stronger than the hugo original which I like because I love stronger smelling perfume but some ppl thinks that it is too strong, so it is only suitable for night.