Friday, October 7, 2011


He he he, don't hate me cause I got the preview passes to BIG BAD WOLF BOOK SALE!!!! I was so so so so so excited because I like buying "peng, leng, jeng"(cheap, nice looking, awesome) stuff!!! Wahahaha.....

I know Serdang can be a little far but it is really worth your time if you are a book lover. Even if you are not, you can always stock up to give them as gifts to others.

I am not joking when I say I never seen people buy books like it is free, there is this uncle took a trolley with to big boxes filled with books, check into the holding area (where they keep you books temporarily so you can shop further without the need to carry them all around) and go get another box for another round. I think everyone now can open a book store already.

Most of the experience buyer brought their own luggage. LUGGAGE! The type where you bring for holidays. Goodness, it is insane. Some even bring the pasar malam trolley :D I am not much of a book fan but I do like the feel and the smell of a book rather than electronic book or ireader. Not saying this to proclaim that I don't love the earth or I like cutting trees, of course, I do understand the tree cutting  issue and I will try to save the nature by doing my part as a human being. :)

This is a shuttle bus that will take you directly in front of hall A if you parked your car far like mine. They have quite a number of buses prepared, so you don't have to wait like you are taking a KTM.

I was lucky that I there were not many in the bus so I can freely take pictures :p
Btw, notice that I only carried my purse? It is encourage to bring light on your bags for ladies so you can shop with more comfort.
If you don't have a luggage with you but you wanna buy a whole loads of books. No worries, they have boxes where you can fill and carry around.

My heart beat speed increased right after I stepped into the hall. OMG, BIG and AIR-COND as promised! LIKE LIKE LIKE! Okay, maybe is just me cause I never been to any of their past book sale, this is my first.

The books are nicely organized and separated according to genre which is really helpful. Some part even dedicate specially to the complete Idiot Guide books or the complete Dummies section. Music, art, architecture, comic, manga, self help, fiction, magazines.... you decide. So many to choose from!

A reminder, most novels are only RM8. Some RM10. Some can come up to RM12. Famous cook books like Jamie.O and Nigelle are RM25 and etc etc etc.... You have to go and see to experience it yourself. Even the person followed me to the sale said that he felt like just swimming in the book. So fun.

Yes you are right! I went crazy too but within control. I bought about 20 plus books and the bill came up to about RM173 or so. Most of the books I chosen are hard cover and famous novels. I grabbed all 3 of Lauren Conrad books in hard cover as they are only RM8 each. Also took The Carrie Diaries where it talks about Carrie Bradshaw before sex and the city. Cecelia Ahern The Gift, I always wanted to own one of her books. I also always wanted to own a Donald Trump book, so I bought TWO! Sharing it with my brother.

Other things and one Jamie Oliver cook book, I bought it because gotten request to get it as a giveaway. I hope there are Dan Brown fans around as I will also be giving away one of his super thick hard covered book. Keep an eye for my book giveaway. :)

I have to give credit to the staff there, they are one very helpful beings. I was holding this box filled with books. I don't mind carrying them as I lazy to check in to the holding area. A guy(staff) approached me and ask if I needed any help cause it was kind of heavy. Other than that, they do ask if we needed any trolley and they do have the service where after you pay, they will get someone to look after your books while you drive over to collect them so you don't have to carry them onto the bus.

Wonderful experience and Books filled one medium size box :) I am a happy girl at the end of the day.

Check out for more info or their 
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Reminder that the sale will only last till the 
16 October 2011. 

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