Wednesday, October 26, 2011

An adventure you would like to go on with your pet...

I would like to go SKYDIVING with my dog!

Like this!

I didn't know that it is even possible until I goggled it!
This is even geng, 2 person and a dog. 

Background/ History
Say hello to Cutie. Maybe it's a weird/cheesy name but my dad named her, so the family just followed.
These pictures where taken when she was way younger about 2 months old and when she was uber adorable and a pretty quiet dog back then. She was so friendly to everybody and she doesn't bark for no reason. Such an obedient dog. It's a whole long story on how we found her, my family always have a thing for pets but many time we chose not to adopt them because we just don't have the space and time to really take good care of them. I guess cutie was an exemption! :D

Now =_= bigger, still cute because she knows how to give the sad face look that makes us feel bad for not playing with her and she is like the princess of the house because everyone will call her first 'hi cutie...' when we reach home. She barks so loud now! and climbs on us! =_= cis. haha.

I guess it would be kinda cool for her to be like the movie in 'Cats and Dogs' and have a slight taste about being a spy dog through skydiving! Just imagine the mouth all opened by the wind blowing o.O.... Something that I've never done yet and I wouldn't mind trying it out with my dog. It will super be an extra bonus in my checklist!  

Haha, don't worry, I will make sure Cutie will be strapped tight to me!

Pictures from Google Images

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