Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Happiest Moment

I guess when we talk about happiest moment, usually we don't only have one, we will always have a few. It's no different with me, I treasure even just those little things. Let me tour you through few of my happiest moments in my life.

Happy Moment #1

People in Love
This picture was taken back in January this year and we were pretty new in the relationship. Terrible gf like me wants to give him a back-ache as I love piggy-backs. Well, he was nice and carried me for probably about 20 steps. Even though it was just for a short moment, I cherish this picture because I don't want to lose this memory. If you are wondering, we are still going strong.

Happy Moment #2

People having Fun
This was taken in 2008 (3 years back), we had a BBQ party to celebrate the completion of Semester one of  Foundation in College. Just 3 months, as classmates we all bonded so well and I guess it was time to start throwing your friends into the POOL! Fun Times.

Happy Moment #3

People taking weird pictures for a contest? 
Haha, okay, maybe it's not my happiest moment because I did not win anything for that contest but I guess I like this picture because it reminded me of how 'gang ho' I can be when I wanted to win a new phone so badly!

Happy Moment #4

People that keeps Friendship close to them
Friends come and go but there are those few that are worth keeping in touch with. As much as we hate some of each other's attitude/character but what the heck, we understand each other. Also, there are those that further their studies at some other place, you can still connect through social networking :) Meeting up once in a while would be good.

And lastly,  if I were to vote for 
My Happiest Moment
it would be the picture below. 

These are not just any ordinary people
One word to describe them
This picture is about 2 years old, the rare moments where my family as a whole could gather, travel and take a full family picture. Hehe, the camera was set in timer mode and quickly we ran into position to TRY to take a random, weird, superhero pose. HAHAHA, obviously FAILED cause some members don't know how to camwhore!

Everyone of us cherish this picture a lot because as I said, it was really one of the super duper rare moments for us to be able to gather. What more for a picture! Especially now, one is married with a baby staying in Perak, another married living in her own home, one out of the house for his studies, and me being so busy with my own activities. It's hard to have the whole family to even just have a dinner together.


What about you? Care to share your happiest moment with me by describing it in the comments below?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

An adventure you would like to go on with your pet...

I would like to go SKYDIVING with my dog!

Like this!

I didn't know that it is even possible until I goggled it!
This is even geng, 2 person and a dog. 

Background/ History
Say hello to Cutie. Maybe it's a weird/cheesy name but my dad named her, so the family just followed.
These pictures where taken when she was way younger about 2 months old and when she was uber adorable and a pretty quiet dog back then. She was so friendly to everybody and she doesn't bark for no reason. Such an obedient dog. It's a whole long story on how we found her, my family always have a thing for pets but many time we chose not to adopt them because we just don't have the space and time to really take good care of them. I guess cutie was an exemption! :D

Now =_= bigger, still cute because she knows how to give the sad face look that makes us feel bad for not playing with her and she is like the princess of the house because everyone will call her first 'hi cutie...' when we reach home. She barks so loud now! and climbs on us! =_= cis. haha.

I guess it would be kinda cool for her to be like the movie in 'Cats and Dogs' and have a slight taste about being a spy dog through skydiving! Just imagine the mouth all opened by the wind blowing o.O.... Something that I've never done yet and I wouldn't mind trying it out with my dog. It will super be an extra bonus in my checklist!  

Haha, don't worry, I will make sure Cutie will be strapped tight to me!

Pictures from Google Images

YAMAHA Promotion!

SRI IRAMA SDN BHD Franchise and Authorised Retailer of Yamaha Music (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

20th Anniversary Promotion
25-30 October 2011 
10.30am - 10.30 pm


Special Performance by Yamaha Students feat piano, electone and more!

BTW, if you are interested in some music courses, you could also drop by and check them out!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shills meet Beauty Bloggers: product review

They have been promoting their new Bio-Active Stem Cell Combat Series for quite some time now and I have tried the full range for about 2 times during their launching and this Meet Beauty Bloggers event. I honestly think that it will be a good range to try or start if you are looking for an anti-aging and skin renewal skin care range. Of course, you don't need to buy the whole range which includes the  BB cream & powder, the basic essence, eye treatment and recovery cream will do the trick.

Picture below is the Shills Bio-Active Stem Cell Combat Essence 50ml
It enhances skin elasticity, comes with DNA repairing capability and reduces skin damage caused by sunlight. Its infused with Arbutin, chamomile extract which help to correct skin dullness creates an awaken skin with pure white luminosity.
Texture is light-weighted and watery consistency.

Picture below: Shills Bio-Active Stem Cell Combat Eye Treatment 30ml
It helps improve skin texture around eyes, fine lines and dullness, increase skin elasticity and slow down aging process.
Texture is thick and creamy, advised to not put so much. Don't be greedy and think that the more you apply the better results you will get cause it doesn't work that way!

It's damn thick. Good la so can use longer of the whole pot.

Picture below is the Shills Bio-Active Stem Cell Combat Recovery Cream 50ml
It promotes skin regeneration and protection. Helps prevent and reduce wrinkles, laxity and aging sign. It also reduces fine lines for youthful skin. Effectively repair the aggravation from environmental factor and improves dull complexion.
Texture is thick but not as thick as the eye cream. Very creamy as well but doesn't leave and oily after feel.

Picture below is the Shills Bio-Active Stem Cell Combat BB Cream SPF50 PA++ 30ml
Contains hydrating, concealing and whitening functions, high in SPF sunscreen, long lasting UV protection and a non-sticky base that aids longer lasting foundation. This BB Cream also acts as a repairing product where it reduces fine lines and wrinkles, corrects skin dullness, spots and helps brighten the skin.
Common foundation texture but with a smooth velvet finish to touch. Seriously, it feels really good to touch.

This is one of the item that I got to try and reviewed about it in my video on youtube.

Picture below: Shills Bio-Active Stem Cell Anti-UV Two Way Cake SPF50 PA++
This powder helps form a protective barrier for sensitive skin with light diffusing technology to brighten skin instantly, camouflaging skin's imperfection. It is a portable way for a brighter skin. It comes in unique palatte where it has three colours. If you have average asian skin tone, the bottom most will suit best as powder and the other 2 as contouring and highlight for a more structured face.

Below are the Newly launched products

Picture below is the Ice Whitening Skin Renewal Spray 250ml
My ABSOLUTE Fav product! 
Cooling skin, effectively decrease skin temperature and tighten pores. Full of mineral, improved moisture balance. Oil control and maintain perfect make up, keep fresh whole day. Plants extract hydrate dry skin effectively.

Hyluronic Acid, Silk extract: Deep hydrating and moiturizing.
Arnica Extract: Promote blood circulation and Anti inflaming. 
Grape Seed Extract: Anti Oxidant

Got this to try and did a video review about this as well. Check it out video above.

Shake well and spray! It comes out like SNOW!!!!

Most suitable for Malaysian freaking Hot weather!

Shills 3M Bubble Body Scrub

Super fine bubble texture: Easy go into pores, bring out excess oil and impurities. Papaya and pumpkin enzyme: Melting dead skin cells in gentle way. Hamamelis extract: anti oxidant and anti inflaming. Specially used on knees, elbows and other rough or black body skin, gently dissolving the dead skin, easy step to form a translucent radiance skin!

This is what happens after you massage onto your skin. Grey particles starts to appear! Scrub scrub scrub...

The last item launch is the Shills Instant Pink (2 in 1 Repair Essence&Instant Pink Essence) 
This can be to brighten and create a pink effect on your nipples or lips. Before using, cleansing should be done first. My experience, the 2in1 repair essence will create a scrub like peeling feel to get rid of the dead skins and smooth your lips roughness. The instant pink does give the tint of pink after a while applying it. I would suggest wiping off the residue of 2in1 essence after massaging the lips before applying the instant pink.

Pictures from the event!

The black series, I want to try it so...... much...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WoopzBikini Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

My favourite Bikini Blogshop launched a new Breast Cancer Awareness campaign!

"Our main aim is super simple, to teach the simplest of the procedures - self-breast exam for early breast cancer detection" said Lihua, Co-founder of

Check out their Pinktober project and stand a chance to win yourself a new BIKINI!


A short review for WoopzBikinis as I do own 2 of their bikinis. Their colour selection is amazing and fantastic designs. I will honestly say that not every bikini is looks good on you but I am sure they have One that suits you perfectly. This is due to your personal skin colour/size/shape, is not your problem, is just that different style fits differently on differently. The best part about Woopzbikini is their guidance link on their webpage where you can shop by design, shop by prize, shop by colours or even shop by support (Wired/padded). I haven't even touch on their affordable pricing, they are good to compare with your high-end roxy bikinis. Woopzbikinis are in very good quality and very comfortable.

Check them out here:
or FB them here: Woopzbikinis  

And as I have said, they are giving away FREE BIKINI!!! Just by Sharing their campaign!

To show my support, I am urging all of you to do your breast a little good by have a self-exam. Just follow instructions below:

Can Your Favorite Beauty Products Stop Working?

The Style Glossy: Beauty Counter
By Shelley Levitt for The Style Glossy

Can Your Favorite Beauty Products Stop Working?
Every woman has had the experience: A tried-and-true regimen that once left your hair beautiful and shiny and your skin its radiant best suddenly seems to have stopped working. Is it time to move on to a new set of products? Here, advice from the experts.

Should You Change Your Shampoo and Conditioner?
When your once bouncy, gleaming hair starts looking flat and dull, you may wonder if it has “gotten used to” your favorite shampoo or conditioner. There are two things to keep in mind. No. 1: As hair expert John Gray -- author of The World of Hair Colour -- says, “High-quality hair products are rigorously tested to ensure that their performance does not deteriorate.” No. 2: Hair is technically dead, so it can’t develop a tolerance to a product.

That doesn’t mean that you’re imagining the changes in your hair. Residue from styling products is one common reason why hair may look and feel drab. To give your hair a clean slate, try a one-time wash with a clarifying shampoo. These shampoos contain ingredients -- such as enzymes and citric acids -- that bind to product deposits and whisk them away.

Seasonal changes can also make it seem like your shampoo and conditioner aren’t doing their job. In fact, these products are delivering consistent results, but it’s your hair itself that behaves differently in the high humidity of summer than it does during dry winter conditions. While you always want to choose a shampoo and conditioner that’s right for your hair type and texture, if you use a volumizng shampoo and conditioner in the summer, you may find that richer and more hydrating versions of those products work better in winter.

Coloring, highlighting, relaxing and perming all affect the fundamental properties of your hair, says Gray. If you’ve had one of these chemical processes, you may need to add deep-conditioning treatments, including masks, to keep your hair in tip-top shape. Ask your stylist for advice on how frequently to use these at-home treatments.

Do You Need to Swap Your Skin Care Products?
If the feeling that your skin care regimen isn’t working any more is a familiar one, then the fault may lie with your own expectations. “Using skin care products is a lot like dieting,” says esthetician Tom Woodhouse. “Often, you’ll see a lot of improvement over the first three months, and then when you’ve achieved the maximum benefit from the products, your skin goes into more of a maintenance mode. What you’re missing is the excitement or novelty of those early results.”

Then again, our skin is dynamic, changing in some way almost every day, says Ellen Marmur, dermatologist and author of Simple Skin Beauty: Every Woman’s Guide to a Lifetime of Healthy, Gorgeous Skin. Rather than thinking of yourself as having one static skin type, Marmur says it’s more effective to learn to read your skin and be flexible in the types of products you use. While you may have a general tendency toward dry skin or oily skin, irritation or acne, it’s important to adjust your regimen to the type of skin you’re having today. If, for example, your skin is looking greasy and starting to break out, you may want to switch temporarily to a cleanser that contains salicylic acid, which will help unclog pores.

The active ingredients that keep our skin looking its best, like peptides or retinol, work year-round. But just as cotton feels cool against your skin in July and cashmere is cozy in December, different formulations feel -- and look -- better as the weather changes. Consider rotating your regimen to include oil-free or gel-based products in summer and richer creams and lotions in the winter.