Sunday, September 4, 2011

Yuber review: Rimmel 60 seconds Coralicious.

Another review with Yuberactive

This is a super duper late review.

This time, Yuber sent me this fabulous nail colour by Rimmel London. I really love this colour, it is a red with a coral undertone. VERY PRETTY!

What is so special about this polish?
It claims that with it's new brush shape (express brush), it is a ONE Second application.

As you can see in the picture below that it has a flat and wide brush applicator. So far, this is my first time seeing this technology. I personally felt that it is kinda cool.

So I tried it out and well, sorry to say that you can't paint a perfect layer within a second. Though, the express brush applicator does help in getting the polish evenly painted with less strokes. Thus, speeds up the application process. However, it can get a little weird for the first time users as there is only two ways to apply this polish as compared to the traditional rounded brush where you can use any sides.

It finish off glossy which I am really thankful for as sometimes we really don't have time to wait for it to dry to slap on the top coat for the shiny effect. It doesn't completely dry after 60 minutes but it ready for you to be able to do other simple chores.

Pretty good polish overall. It chips off after 3-4 days which is not quite bad. Worth buying :)

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