Sunday, September 11, 2011

Update on Acuvue Advance Plus

Finally! Managed to get sometime to blog again! I've been caught up with assignments and emceeing event. Three emcee-ing in one week + classes and other events + assignment due! I didn't even have time to prepare. 

I am here to update you on my trial for the New Acuvue Advance Plus Bi-weekly Contact Lenses. You can check out the launch blog post here

I picked the best consultation and collection place on earth! I chose to have it at Look Good Optics in Bayu Tinggi Klang. This guy (forgot the name) he is a certify specialist, I know because of his certs hung behind his counter. He is one very nice eye doctor! 

He gave me a full eye check up which includes me finding out that I have a very curvy/steep eye balls! I should be wearing a contact lenses with a Base Curve of 8.3 for a better fit for my eyes. Commonly most contact lenses are made with BC 8.6/8.7 as this is the general public's BC. I am special case :D!

The eye doctor explained to me every single details and I freaking asked loads of questions. 

So I got one pair of trial lenses and wore them faithfully for the entire 2 weeks. I'm like a crazy mad woman stretch the lens to their maximum capacity, I'm so evil that they hardly get much rest to soak comfortably in the solutions. 

Usually I wakes up at 5.30am and prepare for Uni. Rush Rush Rush....
The contacts are easily wore and remove throughout the 2 weeks. 

8am-8pm classes + events + lepaking with friends + catnap on the table in Uni + some sports. 
If you think that's it, you're wrong. 

8pm onwards events + date nights + assignments craze rush!
I usually sleep about 12am. Of course not all the time I wear my contacts till 12am. 

In general, I would say that I wear my contacts on average for at least 11 hours daily. 

For one and half weeks, the contacts have served me very well! It felt really comfortable like I had perfect eyes without needing to wear any lenses. 

It only started to feel a bit dry after about 10-11 days of full comfort but the dry-ness only kicks in after about 9 hours of wearing (which means almost at the end of the day).

At the end of my last day of wearing them, I was pretty sad that I had to let them go already. :( It was a really good lens for long hours user like me. I guess I will just have to repurchase them because good quality lenses are important for the best of our eyes as we only have one pair of them. 

NO MORE Glasses for me! Chris Tan, I think you need to get contacts already!

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