Monday, September 12, 2011

Lancome Paris Visionnaire (LR2412 4%) Advanced Skin Corrector

French luxury beauty brand's latest innovation,

Advanced Skin Corrector
Skincare Ahead of its Time

A global skincare solution based on a unique molecule inspired by the botanic world's ability to repair itself.

I love how Visionnaire was made to 'Mimic' the self-healing process that plants naturally have in their system. We were taught that plants produce a 'signal-molecule' called Jasmonic acid. This activates the healing of the damaged tissues, and also serves to make them more resistant!

The problem is that there are so many types of Jasmonic acid but Lancome found one that is closest fit to our human system where then, it is developed in to Visionnaire LR 2412 for us to apply. The Visionnaire molecule behaves similarly like a 'signal-molecule' in our skin to set off chain reaction in all layes to repair, regenerate and strengthen skin tissues. 

Visionnaire molecule has the ability to 'self-propel' or diffuse through all strata of the skin - from skin surface to epidermis and dermis! 

This product have been tested on different complexions of Caucasian, Afro-American, Hispanic/Latino skin types and Asian. They used the product for 4 to 6 weeks and results varies with different ethnic group but they have 100% success of visible skin improvement for all. Especially Asian skin when it comes to skin pores, scars and marks.

Apparently the results were so convincing that two out of three of these women decided to postpone their cosmetic procedure.

All the participants got the opportunity to try the new line with a little pampering session by their facial experts. It was awesome!

First, they clean my skin first with their famous Lancome make-up remover.

Not to forget the Visionnaire Pre-Correcting Advanced Lotion

Then they used the Genifique Youth Activator, another star product of Lancome launched in 2009.

Dot the Advanced Skin Corrector on your face.

Oppsss Don't forget the neck!

Then dot the Pre-Correcting Advanced Emulsion

Massage face!!

This massage is to help activate the ingredient while using Visionnaire which will contribute in better result. Just pinch and pull upwards, even on your forehead. :)


I loved the short facial offered, relaxing and the product smells really really really really really.... good! It's so refreshing, motivates me to do my facial routine everyday :D

The next day, I really do see results in smaller pores. I just need to get rid some of my bigger bumps on my forehead. I'm very angry with my last skincare product, made my skin so bumpy. :( I can't wait to go for my facial and get rid of it and start using this visionnaire to correct my uneven skin tone, scars and visible pores.

I first knew about this product was from an overseas youtube guru. She have some good reviews about it too!

I linked her video here :)


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