Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Like a G-12

Just got my hands on a new camera. Wanted a new one for ages even though my old Compact served me well for the passed few years. I still love it but I needed a serious upgrade. 

I think I got talked into getting this Canon G12 by a seller in Fahrenheit88. I just decided to walk in with an intention of enquiring. Little did I know, I freaking walked out with a new tech baby.

I didn't even call anyone to verify if it's a good buy. I still would like to know though, maybe some of you can comment and let me know what you think about Canon G12. 

A semi DSLR, this is so that I can learn more about cameras and their function before I upgrade to a real DSLR. I'm a total noob on this area. 

I told my boyfriend to be best friends with the camera so he can take good pictures of me because he is also not very good at it. Hahahahaha! I always wanted my own personal photographer tagging along everywhere I go, I guess this is my chance. I'm such a vain pot.


LauraLeia said...

Oooh nice, you got a new camera! :D Personally I'm not crazy about Canon cameras, so not much to comment about them. >< How much did it cost ya? O_O

JQLeeJQ said...

Thanks! It was a Bomb 2000 bucks. Im broke.

Sandra said...

Great blog!

You have new follower :)

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life-muses said...

dropping by to say Hi! :)

JQLeeJQ said...

hey sandra, Thanks for following! :)

Hey life muses!