Thursday, August 11, 2011


I love contact lenses. Coloured or clear, I still really appreciate the existence of them. I blogged about my sensitive eyes before, check it here and just so you know, I am still in search for the best contact lenses for my eyes. 

I was invited to join a launch for Acuvue NEW Advance Plus that is Designed to Optimize Eye Comfort for First Time Wearers. This comes under their All Day Comfort series. Of course, I will not fall under the category of first time user but I am looking for comfort all day long. 

The current clear lens that I am trying is their Acuvue Clear under their Easy series where it is for basic wearing hours and value-driven customers. I have to say that I need something better than that due to my hectic lifestyle. I will be out from early morning till late night running from classes to meetings to events to just hanging with friends. Not forgetting that I will need to face the computer screen for a long period of time because of assignments. I need something that can give me comfort from day one till the last day.

When I hear that this Advance Plus is able to provide me all those requirements plus some other benefits like Class 1 UV Protection to help protect my eyes against harmful radiation to the cornea and into the eyes, healthy eye due to their breathability as its ability to provide 96% of oxygen to the open eye and the ease of handling because the lenses are visibly tinted blue and marked inside out so that we can spot them easily for the correct inserting side all the time, I really want to try them!

So what is 3D Comfort?

Day 1 Comfort:
Packed in a solution with ‘tear-like’ osmolality, it’s an instant comfort from the first moment of wear. (Which, no offence, is like any other new or fresh contact lens.)

Daylong Comfort:
HYDRACLEAR technology packs a moisture-rich wetting agent into the lens matrix for long lasting comfort from morning to night. (Now this is something different that I am looking forward to try it out!)

Day 14 Comfort:
It also provides fresh new lens every two weeks for consistent comfort from day 1 to day 14. 

Note that this is a bi-weekly lens which means you have to change every 2 weeks. This is to allow you to have fresh lenses more often which will result in more comfort for the eyes. Each pack comes with 6 contact lenses.

Why not try it if you think that glasses is starting to get in your way especially during sports, modeling and etc? Also, due to the hot weather now, sometimes glasses can be a bit of a hassle because of excessive sweating and glasses slipping down your nose. How about when you drive, direct aircond to your glasses and when you step out it starts fogging? Or some people like me, we are pretty much blind without glasses but vain in heart of wanting to look picture perfect all the time?

I am truly going to try this lens out and see if what it claims is true. 
How about you? 

Other pictures of People I meet at the launch:

Graduated senior: Rachel 


Ben from Fly FM 

and Other Celebs

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