Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Style Up with Wrangler & Tongue in Chic

What happens when you try to MIX the style of The Double Ds and I Tee Too together?


The Wrangler that I am wearing is the 
Women's Low Waist Jeggings in Navy.  

I like the idea of jeans and leggings (jeggings) because they are fitting and comfortable but at the same time not like some leggings, you may worry about your panty-lines popping out at the butt area. Thus requiring you to wear a thong which can be tough sometimes especially when is the time of the month.

The problem with most jeggings is that it doesn't have the top zip and button area, they are usually just a waist band at the top which sometimes doesn't helps fit as perfectly or worst, free size. Is either you fit into it or not!

With Wrangler's jeggings is different because there are sizes to pick the perfect fit just like a jeans. The service was really fantastic as well. The story goes this way:

Me: Hi, I'm here for the Wrangler and Tongue in Chic contest. I would like to try some jeans.
Staff: Okay, so what type of jeans you want?
Me: Any will do with a T-shirt as well. 
Staff: Size?
Me: errrrrrr, I'm not so sure... a..bout... 26 or 27....

So she went and grab some outfit for me to try. I wore the shirt and 26 size jeans, came out...

Me: I think it fits and is comfortable.
Staff: No la, is big. *pulls my the waist part of the jeans* See.. You need a size smaller. 
Me: Oh really r? erm.. nevermind la, I'm gonna take picture only ma. (cause I don't want them to do so much work later folding and stuff)
Staff: No... Cannot.... Must look fitting and nice. 

I was in awe.... They are just so nice!!!!!!!!!

Style 1: I Tee Too ~ is basically just Tees and Jeans.
Style 2: The Double Ds ~ is Denim over Denim

My Mash-up: The Tee to Double Ds  ~ I was wearing Wranglers s/s tee Paradise Pink top up with a washed out Denim jacket and Denim heels. As long a you are not wearing the lightest colour at the bottom, you can mixed the same colour or type of materials together as an outfit.

Next style with the same pair of jeggings

Took off the jacket 
Switch to my blood-red ballerina flats
Cuff up my jeans for a take on the same pair of jeans

And I got another style
Sherbet Pop!

It's all about playing with bright colours for an effortlessly put together fun and cheerful look. She cuff her jeans up so that she don't need to spend extra to get another pair of cropped jeans but make sure that the jeans is close-fitted and flatters your silhouette to avoid being over-whelmed with layers. -SMART-

Okay, so I've stolen Hui Wen of Revel in me style. :P Because I am embarking on a style journey with Wrangler and Tongue in Chic!

I want to be able to have the New Ipad 2 to be able to browse more fashion looks through the web as well as through Style Snaps apps! and of course, to be able to blog about it too! :D

Can you re-create Hui Wen's look by styling it up with Wrangler and Tongue in Chic?

You can check this contest out through Tongue in Chic web as well.

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