Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Re-Vamped Mirrors Magazine. Check me OUT!

Woots, I'm Featured!
New Issue should be out this Friday.

Check out food review section and recipe right after that.
I'm so happy to see my work!

People may object you from chasing your passion, dreams and the things that you love to do. Take me for one. They were never proud of me anyway because I'm the only one among four studying communication. The stab still hurts even after a few years when I re-call over-hearing someone on the phone with her friend saying: 'Take my daughter for instance, she is doing communication, HOW FAR CAN SHE GO?' In silence I went back to my room. Even until now, after 3 years studying this course and doing things that I love and good at, portraying my abilities to show that I'm not far off from the rest, I don't even know if are they happy for me because I'm in a place where I belong or still hoping for me to be a pharmacist, engineer, actuarial science student or a teacher that can put a smile on their face. My yearning for success derived from disappointment towards my inability to make them proud. I wished he could have at least hear me out, explaining why only 4 of us going for the trip. Why wouldn't he ask 'what happened to the rest and my boyfriend who is not tagging along?'. I really needed a getaway to smell the ocean and hear them hitting against the shore after all the assignment craze, all within my sister's wedding dinner week. I've agreed to not go on night one, I got over it. The second night of yelling engraved a deep scar. Is not the words or lesson that you are trying to teach that I will remember, is for not even asking why the scenario is this way and for killing my passion for the entertainment industry. Yes, I know now, is all about your face and I will make sure that your pride is being protected because my passion means nothing to you. I can't just be another ordinary student graduate with a degree with no story to be told in my resume and no connections. I can't be successful with that. I'm too tired, that's all I have to say. 

Still, I'm thankful for a smile on my face after looking at my work and recent shoot pictures outcome. It's all worth it. 

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