Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Organic Aid: Vitamin E Moisturising Cream

I have honestly always seen this around in the supermarkets while I was shopping for other stuffs and I have seen my sister bought it to keep her hydrated while she was in China due to the cold and dry weather there. I've seen it everywhere and I had picked it up a few times browsing and contemplating whether to try it or not. I always ended up not getting it even though the price is fairly reasonable.

I am still surprise at myself for not getting it sooner to try because I have always been a Vitamin E products fan. I've started using them as my night routine replacing moisturiser. I was really excited when I got the chance to review it!

When I first apply after washing my face, it felt really tight and I can't really massage like some other cream do. I freaked out because I have no idea what is going on. It somewhat felt like it is hard to apply on. After a while, my skin still feels tight, not sticky and matte feeling.

Then it struck me! Hey, it's true, the natural strength from deep within.

The reason why I couldn't massage the cream on my face like other cream does because it has the fast-absorbent power. Other creams that doesn't absorb well will linger on the surface of my face which makes them less effective because they do not penetrate into the skin and work their power. This can be the cause of clogged pores and break-outs.

It's claims of non-sticky and non-greasy is valid and I believe this will favour more of the oily skin type community because many times vitamin E facial products always either comes in oil or creamy form that usually leaves sticky feeling. Thus, defeats the purpose of trying to get their skin feeling less greasy. Note that I have dry skin, maybe that is why it felt tight at first. Though, it still works for me as it is non-comedogenic which is great for sensitive skin like mine. 

The cream has a thick consistency but still gentle to the skin. I got used to applying this cream, it only felt tough on the first try. Overall, I'm not crazy about this cream but I do like it because it worked for me and I believe that it may work as well for others. 

However, I do have a few dislikes which can be improve by the manufacturer or the company. It will be great if it comes with a spatula for hygiene purposes. Dipping fingers into a pot can be a turn-off for people not to try it, maybe that was why I never got them in the first place. Secondly, I am not sure if it has SPF because it is not stated on the product besides protects skin from sun and wind which I'm still not completely sure what that means. haha. So at the mean time, I just slap on some sunscreen. If ever they come up anything with SFP, I hope it would be at least SPF30 or 50 because Malaysia is getting sunnier day by day. 

I just checked my skin again recently and it has improved since my last visit. Few things that I still need keep up are
skin hydration
elasticity (I need collagen)
mild uneven skin tone
under eye circles, bags and lines (sign of aging =_=)

I am going to continue using it and hope that it can help enhance my skin further with radiance glow and aura. :D

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Jessying said...

this is really good in lightening scars!! years years ago ( haha to show how old am i) , i fall down from bicycle racing and got a big scars... and a pharmacist recommended me this and I applied day and night for quite some time and now the scars is almost gone!!

JQ Lee said...

Really?! That is great! I really hope this can even up my skin tone! :) said...

may i know where u get this from?
I'm facing dry skin for such a log time. I think is time for me to try this out.

JQ Lee said...

hey Venus,

You can get it in any pharmacy or supermarket like tesco or jusco. They should have sell there.

Thanks for reading!

neuroticnad said...

I used this once to treat my very uneven skin tone after I applied some corticosteroid to treat my horrifying acute inflammation on MY FACE..the horror.. anyhow, it did well, improving my skintone as in they are way more even and it helps me clear out my acne scars right after I had a majour breakouts due to stress from work loads..

Hope this helps :)