Wednesday, July 27, 2011

OOTD: Sunday, Army of God

I am not sure why but after organizing all my jewelleries, I really felt like dressing up for some reason. It was a Sunday, perfect time to style up to church.

I honestly don't know how to take a good full picture of myself! How do other people do it? Some they constantly have good full length photo everytime, do they take it themselves with a tripod or someone else helped?

Anyways, I'm wearing:

Slightly cropped Black Jacket with gold button details - Got it online for Rm 18
Black tank top - Bought it years ago from Sub Zero for less than Rm 20
Washed-out boot cut Jeans - Pre-loved from a friend.
Long dangling earrings - GM Klang for Rm 2
Long Necklace - Sister bought it from GM Klang
Belt - Bonita 3 for Rm10 (I think)

Oh, and no make-up. I know, I was just lazy.

Even today, out with no make-up. I was trying out some new photography app. That's me below!

Also, I got the opportunity to try 4G by YES for free :D! Thanks to Taylors! Woots! But I got to give it back after the trail period. :( SAD.

It was extremely fast while I was streaming my beauty youtube videos during the briefing. I'm not joking, it was super-super fast, faster than superman! They also have this YesLife software/system/device (I'm not sure what to call it) where it is like MSN but better, you could make calls and sms to other people's mobile through your laptop. Haha. Fun! I sound so ULU and Kampung but it's new to me and I am such a technology noob. Only sad part, is you still got to pay for the calls and sms, I was hoping that it could be like Skype and MSN that could make free calls but to their mobile number. I know we can now sms free with Whatsapp, free calls through Viber and free video calls through Skype but not everyone has the account, application or an iphone.

I freaking need a new drawer for my cosmetics, my old small drawer don't seem enough anymore! 

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