Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Wrangler Jeans

Nuffnang invited me to walk the runway on the first ever Fashion Show with Blogger Model and Professional Model. It was like another dream come true.

After Mirror's Finale in Dec 2010, I never thought that I could ever get another opportunity to do catwalk anymore due to my height. Hallelujah! Thank God for Wrangler's Media Preview decided to use bloggers as models for their new collection! I was more than excited!

The added bonus to this event is that I get to meet other active, celebrity bloggers. They are really nice people, we sit, talk and share their experiences in the blogger world.

I'm not gonna lie, I was excited for my turn to walk on the runway but at the same time, the wait for my turn to be next up was surprisingly terrifying. I was anxious! In a good way. :)

Thanks nuffnang and wrangler for the opportunity! I had fun!

The Wrangler Guide SS11
Denim continues to reign supreme this summer. This season we took a journey from east to west, travelling through the heart-land of America. Hypnotic rock n' roll looks from New York transformed into the easy denim styling of Texas. The long open road to Nevada saw dressed down combinations of de-stressed denim and the classic plaid shirt. From there it was to LA where washes were sun bleached and perfectly wearable. The trip- True Freedom Personified.

Blogger Suresh, we were too free while waiting for other blogger to be done with their hair and makeup. We went crazy with our cameras (especially his!)

Blogger Nicholas and Ming. Woots they are true famous bloggers :)

Ming, Yuen Yee from nuffnang and Cindy another famous blogger!

Bella- catwalk guru

Hawt Model from Brazil!

Another hawt model.

Another hawt model! Even my boyfriend wanna steal him from me. xD

Blogger + Pro Models! Group Photo! (photocredit: mywrangler)

ME! (photocredit: mywrangler)

Their Jeans are super duper comfy. I'm not joking! super stretchable! and I love their checker shirt. I'm going back there and own at least one pair!  

Wrangler, You'll be MINE!


hamzah ian said...

cantik cantik.. hehe

JQLeeJQ said...

Thanks!!! :D

♡``Val.Whiskyᵇᵅᵇᵞ said...

Hello :)
hmm, can I ask you a quetion? >.<"
Do you know what are the name of the two models who you took photo with? :)