Wednesday, June 1, 2011

X-MEN Psychic Challenge!! Hai-yak!

I'm using my creative 'psychic' imagination on these photos.
Sorry in advanced some wordings a bit small. Maybe cause I didn't 'imagine' it big enough XD.... okay.. lame joke. haha!

Chess is tough, some people just want to cheat their way out. :p

He tries to be creative with his mind too. Probably has a brain of a child results in this cartoon drawings.

Both also miang la!

They are all looking up towards the crazy guy hanging there.

Battle between the elements. Metal just have to fart!

Metal head oh Metal Head, Where are thou art?            
Thy love is here, eye-squinting mind reader. I'm longing for your touch.

I am participating in the “X-Men Psychic Challenge” blogging contest, organised in conjunction with the launch of X-Men: First Class and Malaysia’s first Superheroes Fanfest @ Farenheit88. For more info, go to

I really want to go and watch this movie!

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