Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rimmel's Mono Eyeshadow in ENVY

So I'm reviewing Rimmel's Mono Eyeshadow sent to me by Yuberactive. I've blog about yuberactive (check it out here) and yes I am still active with it! :D How could I not, they are just a freaking awesome website + their FB is always updated with new things. Is a fantastic idea, I'm so glad to be apart of it. Sign up is free!

I am so glad that they sent me the green one or ENVY because personally, I can pull of green shadows really well. The one colour that I don't look great in is purple shadow, I don't know why, is just God made me. :) Pictures above in blue is Tempted (which I'm interested to purchase), pink is Siren (which I am not particularly interested in) and Envy in green.

Super soft blendable eyeshadow that lasts for up to 8 hours. Creamy pressed powder texture delivers bold colour with long lasting wear. Complimentary shades in convenient compact. 

I say:
Super soft bendable shadow - TICK :)
Creamy pressed powder texture - TICK :)
Bold Colour - TICK :)
Last for 8 hours - CROSS :(

Packaging is pretty which I love cause I'm a sucker for it. However, I have some hard time trying to open the lid. Oh, I totally ruined the pretty design on the big day where I opened this shadow for the first time. My heart shattered like mad because I haven't even took pictures of it yet and I've spoiled the design.

It's true that the shadow is really bright and bold. Very pretty and I am actually impressed with the pigmentation. Thumbs up for that! Shimmery but not overly filled with glitters that makes you look like a disco ball. More towards the matte side of shadow. Double thumbs up for that! Woots!!

If it is Mono eyeshadow, why is there 2 colours there? NOTE: The purple is not a shadow, is just one thin layer on top for design purpose. If you blend it for the first time, it may turn out blue-ish. If not, you can make the green to over-power the purple. The purple is nothing, really. :)

Unfortunately, it's is not exactly lasting. The colour starts to fade probably after 4 hours and after 8 hours, you still can see the green colour on your lids but very very faded. Though, that is without using a lid primer or a cream base for lids. I'm sure that you can make it work by applying a lid base first. The shadow will not only last longer but also appear brighter. :)
Some pictures :)

Before and after.

I used Rimmel's Sexy Curves for the first time as well. I love it so badly!
Soon review it :)
Note: I did not wear any false lashes.

Thanks for reading! 

Yes I have a pimple!! Don't judge for not photoshop-ing it. :)

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