Thursday, June 30, 2011

Coloured Contacts FreshKon and Geo/Barbie Lenses

Recently I have this craze for coloured contact lenses. I have been purchasing like crazy! Of course, everybody loves those 15-16mm lenses that will make your eyes look bigger. Is not that I am sepet or anything, I just love them because I can look different anytime I want. Sometimes, pair them up with my outfit.

I started trying coloured contact with Freshkon. First of all, it is a very well known brand and extremely commercialized. Secondly, I got the opportunity to get free sample from Mirror's Ambassador Search. They were one of the sponsors and we were asked to wear them on stage for the finals last December. I always wanted to have green eyes. Thus, got my first Green contacts from Freshkon. Everything was great and I loved it which made me purchase more of it! Literally, I bought 6 more boxes of blue and grey in colour. Imagine, 1 box is RM70 which has one pair of same power in it but I'm of different power at 5.75 and 6.00. Thus I am required to buy 2 boxes. Each pair apparently only can last for 1 month. 

So I threw my green contacts when the time comes and tried on the blue. It looks amazing but it looked like green on my eyes. Maybe because my natural eye colour is very light brown thus colour reflected different but it wasn't a problem at all. The frustration comes after a few times putting them on. It started hurting my eyes, well only my left eye to be exact. I felt like there was a something in my left eye and it hurts. Worst part is that it constantly moves up when I opened my eyes. Picture as below. 

Sometimes it goes totally up and I have to dig it out from inside. At first it only happened after a long day like after 8 hours or something, so I thought it was just dry. Then it became worse, I can't wear them longer than 2 hours and it started moving already. Seriously, I tested it out. I re-wet them thousand and one time and it doesn't work at all.

So I asked my friends and I found out I wasn't the only one. Many of them experienced it too! I felt so glad that it wasn't my eye problem. I freaked out till I almost wanted to go and check an eye specialist. For me I really need to be able to wear contacts because of my modelling jobs.

Picture below is a Geo/Barbie lens that I purchased online. I was quite sceptical about this lens at first due to the low price and comes with variety of designs and colours which I absolutely love now. I wasn't sure to trust it or not and I'm afraid of spoiling my eyes with this cheap lenses. People like me, I went ahead to try and purchased one pair.

Fun part is that I get to have 5.75 and 6.00 as one pair. I don't have to buy 2 boxes that becomes 2 pairs. Also, my other fun part is that I get to choose pink! There are loads of choices in colour and designs which can make coloured lens fan like me go crazy. Different sellers name the lenses differently but all comes in a glass bottle. I like the packaging a lot! I assume all came from the same company or factory just different sellers.

Some sell at rm40 or rm35 per pair but now you can find it as low as rm20 or rm15 per pair when they are on promotion. So far, I just put in my order for a pre-order stock at rm 10 per pair! Though, it takes 1-2 months before arriving. Ready stock can reach fast within 3-5 days depending on mode of delivery you chose and paid for.

The only problem with Geo/Barbie lenses is that sometimes they can get very dry, especially the first time you wear them because it's 16mm. It's diameter is wide that will cause your eyes to receive less oxygen.

This is not an ad, speaking with personal opinion. I bought everything myself unless is stated above.

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