Thursday, June 30, 2011

Coloured Contacts FreshKon and Geo/Barbie Lenses

Recently I have this craze for coloured contact lenses. I have been purchasing like crazy! Of course, everybody loves those 15-16mm lenses that will make your eyes look bigger. Is not that I am sepet or anything, I just love them because I can look different anytime I want. Sometimes, pair them up with my outfit.

I started trying coloured contact with Freshkon. First of all, it is a very well known brand and extremely commercialized. Secondly, I got the opportunity to get free sample from Mirror's Ambassador Search. They were one of the sponsors and we were asked to wear them on stage for the finals last December. I always wanted to have green eyes. Thus, got my first Green contacts from Freshkon. Everything was great and I loved it which made me purchase more of it! Literally, I bought 6 more boxes of blue and grey in colour. Imagine, 1 box is RM70 which has one pair of same power in it but I'm of different power at 5.75 and 6.00. Thus I am required to buy 2 boxes. Each pair apparently only can last for 1 month. 

So I threw my green contacts when the time comes and tried on the blue. It looks amazing but it looked like green on my eyes. Maybe because my natural eye colour is very light brown thus colour reflected different but it wasn't a problem at all. The frustration comes after a few times putting them on. It started hurting my eyes, well only my left eye to be exact. I felt like there was a something in my left eye and it hurts. Worst part is that it constantly moves up when I opened my eyes. Picture as below. 

Sometimes it goes totally up and I have to dig it out from inside. At first it only happened after a long day like after 8 hours or something, so I thought it was just dry. Then it became worse, I can't wear them longer than 2 hours and it started moving already. Seriously, I tested it out. I re-wet them thousand and one time and it doesn't work at all.

So I asked my friends and I found out I wasn't the only one. Many of them experienced it too! I felt so glad that it wasn't my eye problem. I freaked out till I almost wanted to go and check an eye specialist. For me I really need to be able to wear contacts because of my modelling jobs.

Picture below is a Geo/Barbie lens that I purchased online. I was quite sceptical about this lens at first due to the low price and comes with variety of designs and colours which I absolutely love now. I wasn't sure to trust it or not and I'm afraid of spoiling my eyes with this cheap lenses. People like me, I went ahead to try and purchased one pair.

Fun part is that I get to have 5.75 and 6.00 as one pair. I don't have to buy 2 boxes that becomes 2 pairs. Also, my other fun part is that I get to choose pink! There are loads of choices in colour and designs which can make coloured lens fan like me go crazy. Different sellers name the lenses differently but all comes in a glass bottle. I like the packaging a lot! I assume all came from the same company or factory just different sellers.

Some sell at rm40 or rm35 per pair but now you can find it as low as rm20 or rm15 per pair when they are on promotion. So far, I just put in my order for a pre-order stock at rm 10 per pair! Though, it takes 1-2 months before arriving. Ready stock can reach fast within 3-5 days depending on mode of delivery you chose and paid for.

The only problem with Geo/Barbie lenses is that sometimes they can get very dry, especially the first time you wear them because it's 16mm. It's diameter is wide that will cause your eyes to receive less oxygen.

This is not an ad, speaking with personal opinion. I bought everything myself unless is stated above.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

casting call

Interested in being on TV? I'm helping a friend to get 

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rimmel's Mono Eyeshadow in ENVY

So I'm reviewing Rimmel's Mono Eyeshadow sent to me by Yuberactive. I've blog about yuberactive (check it out here) and yes I am still active with it! :D How could I not, they are just a freaking awesome website + their FB is always updated with new things. Is a fantastic idea, I'm so glad to be apart of it. Sign up is free!

I am so glad that they sent me the green one or ENVY because personally, I can pull of green shadows really well. The one colour that I don't look great in is purple shadow, I don't know why, is just God made me. :) Pictures above in blue is Tempted (which I'm interested to purchase), pink is Siren (which I am not particularly interested in) and Envy in green.

Super soft blendable eyeshadow that lasts for up to 8 hours. Creamy pressed powder texture delivers bold colour with long lasting wear. Complimentary shades in convenient compact. 

I say:
Super soft bendable shadow - TICK :)
Creamy pressed powder texture - TICK :)
Bold Colour - TICK :)
Last for 8 hours - CROSS :(

Packaging is pretty which I love cause I'm a sucker for it. However, I have some hard time trying to open the lid. Oh, I totally ruined the pretty design on the big day where I opened this shadow for the first time. My heart shattered like mad because I haven't even took pictures of it yet and I've spoiled the design.

It's true that the shadow is really bright and bold. Very pretty and I am actually impressed with the pigmentation. Thumbs up for that! Shimmery but not overly filled with glitters that makes you look like a disco ball. More towards the matte side of shadow. Double thumbs up for that! Woots!!

If it is Mono eyeshadow, why is there 2 colours there? NOTE: The purple is not a shadow, is just one thin layer on top for design purpose. If you blend it for the first time, it may turn out blue-ish. If not, you can make the green to over-power the purple. The purple is nothing, really. :)

Unfortunately, it's is not exactly lasting. The colour starts to fade probably after 4 hours and after 8 hours, you still can see the green colour on your lids but very very faded. Though, that is without using a lid primer or a cream base for lids. I'm sure that you can make it work by applying a lid base first. The shadow will not only last longer but also appear brighter. :)
Some pictures :)

Before and after.

I used Rimmel's Sexy Curves for the first time as well. I love it so badly!
Soon review it :)
Note: I did not wear any false lashes.

Thanks for reading! 

Yes I have a pimple!! Don't judge for not photoshop-ing it. :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mass communication

That's right, you got me right, it's time to get some sun again! woots!

Okay no, maybe not the sun. Not in Malaysia at least, probably get sun cancer here. haha

I have to clarify something. This afternoon when my sister was back for lunch and she caught me hanging in the living room being a couch potato.

Naturally, she asked "No class today?"
Me: "I holiday d wat"
Sis: "WHAT?! Holiday AGAIN! why your course like everytime holiday wan?"
Me: "hehe..." *goes to the fridge to grab something.
Sis: "So what your course study 3 months in a year only r?"
Me: "Yup!"
Sis: "HUHHHHHHHHHH!!?? WHAT 3months in a year only r?!"
Me: "eh eh eh, no no. About 6 months per year." (actually to be more accurate is 7 months)
Sis: "Haihz....So fun man you..." walks away with her cake :)

First of all, she's a pharmacist and working. Thus, the whole "omgosh, arghhh, I got to go to work tomorrow thing" Though, one thing that I'm envious of her job is that she earns pretty well and quite a lot of 'cuti gaji' (paid leave).

Secondly, it's not just 7 months of studying only and literally holiday all the way. I'm in Mass Communication and it is highly advisable to use the other 5 months to intern/ part-time jobs to give you a head start. In this industry, it is very competitive. VERY COMPETITIVE! Thus, in Taylor's, we are encourage to get as much practical as possible. Experience is something you can't get in classroom, lecturers can't teach you everything! Yes, they can tell you their experiences and about working (most of the time students don't even listen in class) but it is their experience and their life, not yours! With that extra knowledge gained, assignments will come easier too! Consider the 7 Months are theories and 5 months to do some practicals.

Thirdly, Mass Comm student are not all just wild and want to have fun. Stereotype! We are just encouraged to be more sociable and lively because that's what we do as our career in the future. At least mostly, unless, you choose to be bitter. You still need the passion to make this work, not everyone can do this. If you hate PR, Events, Journalism, Multimedia, Broadcasting, Advertising... THEN DON'T EVEN BOTHER TO TRY GOING INTO THIS LINE! Seriously, don't waste your time. I have friends in my class that regretted studying Mass Comm and their reasons:

1. I join this cause I thought it was an easy path.
2. I thought no need to study so hard.
3. Joined d only found out cannot earn money wan.
4. I thought don't need to write so much.

I feel very upset and disappointed when I hear all these comments. Nothing is easy and no course doesn't require you to not study hard. Earning money really depends on what you do and how you do it, there are loads of mass comm related jobs that pays very well and earns really good income. Don't require much writing? OH PUH-LS! Ask any mass comm student, they will probably think you are some bimbo or some kid just got out of the jungle. Don't believe them when they say less writing because all you got to do is to pose in front of the camera and talk or handle the cameras or play with the software. =_= Like seriously, broadcasting still needs to do scriptwriting, timeline, management logs and etc. PR and Marketing even more writing due to press release and stuff. Advertising is not all about designing. Journalism is self-explanatory.

I have friends that changed study path from wanting to be an engineer to joining mass comm due to passion and I will not lie that I do have friends that joined the course just because they thought it was easy but found their passion during the course. Also there are those nuisance, keep complaining about the course, regretting and how they hate their Uni life when actual fact they failed their pre-u and ended up in mass comm cause though it was easy and fun.

Find your passion and do something. I don't deny that I have friends just lying around for the whole break time doing nothing, it's their life. Understand that companies are looking for pro-active staff. With a handsome resume, there shouldn't a problem when looking for a career in the future. Remember, build your career early!


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Want list 2011

Hehe, before I go off for assignment craze, I shall just do a simple post on my current wishlist. :)

Nail Polishes
OPI Shatter: White or Black
China Glaze: Ahoy, Sea spray, Starboard (check it here: or for cheap) 
OPI Pirates of Carribbean on Stranger Tides Collection includes sliver shatter

Items that can help me organize my cosmetics and jewelries. 

Lush Body line items :)

Angpow :) (So I can save up the money for better use)

Vote for me for any contest I join :) This make me happy

Okay, so far that's it. 


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

X-MEN Psychic Challenge!! Hai-yak!

I'm using my creative 'psychic' imagination on these photos.
Sorry in advanced some wordings a bit small. Maybe cause I didn't 'imagine' it big enough XD.... okay.. lame joke. haha!

Chess is tough, some people just want to cheat their way out. :p

He tries to be creative with his mind too. Probably has a brain of a child results in this cartoon drawings.

Both also miang la!

They are all looking up towards the crazy guy hanging there.

Battle between the elements. Metal just have to fart!

Metal head oh Metal Head, Where are thou art?            
Thy love is here, eye-squinting mind reader. I'm longing for your touch.

I am participating in the “X-Men Psychic Challenge” blogging contest, organised in conjunction with the launch of X-Men: First Class and Malaysia’s first Superheroes Fanfest @ Farenheit88. For more info, go to

I really want to go and watch this movie!