Monday, May 9, 2011

Not a blogshop: Pretty Earrings for SALE!

Okay, before anyone think or say anything. I have to put this out first. 
This is not a Blogshop
and I am not planning to start one at the moment. It is because I can't seems to be consistent in it. 

I think on and off I will have these kind of sales because I always, ALWAYS buy extras. =_= I know right, saying like I'm freaking rich. Which I am so not!

These babies are really light weight earrings, so it won't pull your ears down after a long day. :D They are all so so so pretty, the camera just don't do justice for them on photos. I don't have any special lightings to take their pictures. I'm sorry for the bad quality :( 

Anyway! They are for only

RM 10 for one
RM 16 for two (rm8 per piece)
RM 21 for three (rm7 per piece)

I suggest you buy in group so that is more worth your money :D
Check them out :)

Christmas Wishes 
Gold x 1

Gold x 2

Silver x 1

Gold x 1

Silver x 1

Viceroy on Rose
Metallic Silver Bronze x 1

Gold x 1

Moroccan Fever
Gold x 1

I want to go to Paris
Metallic Silver Bronze x 1

Gold x 1

Silver x 2

Measurements: open in another page to enlarged if needed. :)

Email me for purchase:
Hp number:
Items wanted: 
Delivery mode: 
Prefers COD. Around Taylor's Lakeside Campus, Subang, or Klang. :) 

Loads of Lurve! jq

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