Sunday, May 22, 2011

Malaysia's Property Resources Website

For couples, it is time to spend the rest of your life together and you are looking for a place to call your HOME in Malaysia. Then read on, is for you.


You just graduated/ transferred/ promoted and planning to get a permanent place for yourself nearby your office/ partner’s house/ just want a place for your own privacy? The read on, this suitable for you too.


Want to invest in a property? Go ahead read on…


Perhaps planning to get an office? Or a shop? Or a factory? Or just a plain land? READ ON…..

This is the Malaysia’s largest FREE property resources website. They have over 2000 property analysis articles and lots and lots of high quality photos for your preview. You can see for yourselves first if whether you like the place or surroundings or not before calling for the real meet up to see the actual place.
You can either choose to Rent or Buy available property. This is very useful because common sense! Not everyone can afford to buy them, especially to those yuppies (young working people/couples)

I was browsing around the web of PropWall Malaysia Property and I noticed that they have an ad at the right side stating ‘Premium Classified Ad’. Those are for people who are interested in rich, high-class places. The places are just so beautiful! I don’t deny that honestly all of the places that are posted in the website are just so awesome!

For me, I might want to start planning because I have one more year before graduating. So if my work place is too far to travel, why not get a place right.

Don’t worry, it is not all just KL, KL and KL! They provide many places to choose from, so you can stay anywhere in Malaysia: D! Who knows, you wouldn’t want to stay so near to your IN-LAWS or Family or people that you don’t like very much.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lip ice sample

 I just got this in mail yesterday. I was surprise actually, I thought this was just a scam for us to sign up or like their facebook page.

It was like ages ago I did something like a scrap book online for Lip Ice on Facebook. Typical Me love samples and goodies so much that I just couldn't resist it. So I spent some time layan-ing the web and follow their guidelines in doing some online girl friends having fun page thing. Seriously, I think it was few months ago man! I even totally forgotten about it! That time I also had the thought of being fooled by all these marketing ppl and wasted 1 or 2 hours of my time.

It gave me a smile see this product. I was using lip ice for about 2 years and recently just stopped cause I ran out of it and got another lip balm from palms for free. Palms balm smell like I am eating a cake everytime I apply, not my favourite but I don't mind it though cause is free. I still love lip ice due to their tingling sensation and fruity smell.

I started of with grape and I hated the cooling sensation at first cause it somehow like stings my lips and it feels kinda dry at first. After a while, I got used to the cooling feel and started to love it. It became very moisturizing after a few swipes. Then, when i'm out of it, I tried strawberry flavour, my favourite of all. I remember in the car, I was applying it, my friend commented and say 'smells so nice!' without me telling him anything and I was sitting at the back sit! The smell lingers everywhere :D but sadly it does lose it's scent after a few weeks and you can only smell them up close. After finishing it, I also remember trying Mandarin orange. Not my favourite but it was fine, though, I kinda lost it. So I bought lemon, used it until recently it ran out. All my lip ice stick that I finished are physically faded, as in their exterior are all faded until you cant read their labels anymore.

So yeah, I just want to share this cause I am really happy with this sample except that the balm is un-retractable which means that I have to be careful when I am closing it with the lid. When I opened the plastic packaging, it smellsss soooooooooo GOOD! <3 <3 <3 Thank You Lip Ice. :D

Monday, May 9, 2011

Not a blogshop: Pretty Earrings for SALE!

Okay, before anyone think or say anything. I have to put this out first. 
This is not a Blogshop
and I am not planning to start one at the moment. It is because I can't seems to be consistent in it. 

I think on and off I will have these kind of sales because I always, ALWAYS buy extras. =_= I know right, saying like I'm freaking rich. Which I am so not!

These babies are really light weight earrings, so it won't pull your ears down after a long day. :D They are all so so so pretty, the camera just don't do justice for them on photos. I don't have any special lightings to take their pictures. I'm sorry for the bad quality :( 

Anyway! They are for only

RM 10 for one
RM 16 for two (rm8 per piece)
RM 21 for three (rm7 per piece)

I suggest you buy in group so that is more worth your money :D
Check them out :)

Christmas Wishes 
Gold x 1

Gold x 2

Silver x 1

Gold x 1

Silver x 1

Viceroy on Rose
Metallic Silver Bronze x 1

Gold x 1

Moroccan Fever
Gold x 1

I want to go to Paris
Metallic Silver Bronze x 1

Gold x 1

Silver x 2

Measurements: open in another page to enlarged if needed. :)

Email me for purchase:
Hp number:
Items wanted: 
Delivery mode: 
Prefers COD. Around Taylor's Lakeside Campus, Subang, or Klang. :) 

Loads of Lurve! jq

Friday, May 6, 2011

Updates on my life :D

 One for my Fav lecturer gone to pursue his studies. He is now a student like us!

Keeping up with the accapellas.

Christian Fellowship Lakeside turns One Year old!

Meet up with Michelle

 Group photo for meet up

Worked part time with minute maid with Apple. Spotted kenny the clown!

Worked at Media Launch for Dell Streak 5

I had my hands on the Streak 5. Yeah! for only 10 minutes.... =_=

Volleyball gathering + celebration of Ivan's Birthday!

 Lancome Workshop. A photo with Ming from Malaysia's Dream Girl. Blog: the Childlike empress

Let's go to the zoo! Seriously, I was at KL zoo with Poh Leong, Aidee and John

 Who's that? Left to right: Jeff's agent, Jeff from My.FM, Jq from Taylor's, and Cassandra the event organizer for Taylor's career fair. 

Oh, hehe, I got the opportunity to have a short talkshow like with Jeff during the career fair. I was emceeing the event too. :D

I need a job!! It's so hard to find a good talent agency. I went for so many auditions and no reply after saying the photos are good. =_=  I will do voice overs, TVC, modelling, acting, emcee, extra hand for events. Pls contact me:

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Steal Zoeey Deschanel Style by Tongue in Chic

Yes it's another contest I'm joining. Because I just lurveeeeeeeee Cosmetics. :D I pray that in the future my job scope will have something to do me playing make-up and dress-up!!

Though, I don't have to blog for this contest. I just wanted to update this blog with some pictures.

I am suppose to TRY to style myself up like Zoeey Deschanel in the video. She is very pretty. Is not exactly like what she wore but is similar. I'm not going to buy a whole new outfit just for this contest. I'm just using what I have from my closet.

 Details: pearl necklace, pearl earrings, either my chilli red flats or boots!

Makeup and hair-do similar to zoeey in the music video.

So what do you think? Similar?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Malaysia's 1st Bed & Breakfast Rental Website

So what you think? Damn pretty right?!

If I am travelling and need a place to stay, I will rather rent these kind of places rather than a hotel. Suitable for people who loves the homey feeling especially those who are in constant travelling. So you just need a place to stay for one night or more, why not opt for a home stay?


If you are alone finding for something cheap, so motel cheapest can cost about ~RM60 per night, let’s not talk about hotel (we all know it cost a lot). Why not a fully furnished single room? It’s about RM20 per night. Most of them include internet access, cooking, washing machine and etc.

If there are 2 of you, try a medium or master bedroom. It ranges from RM30 – RM35! Most of them include internet access, cooking, washing machine, air-cond and etc.

So now what if you have a large crowd? NO FEAR! They have whole apartment or whole house for short term rental. They ranges from RM88-RM400 ++ (depending on location) accommodates from 6-18 pax ++ (can always add number of people, negotiable)

Check this Malaysia's 1st B&B Rental Website out here.

At first I was pretty bumped as I thought that they are only for places in Klang Valley. So it doesn’t apply to me because it’s around my area. Arghhhh….. BUT WAIT, I saw at the left side in the web written locations.


They have Johor, Kedah, Kelantan, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Penang, Perak, Sabah, Sarawak, KL and Selangor!


I mean seriously, especially students like me wants to travel but can’t afford hotels can now travel because accommodation can now seen as cheap. Malaysia’s Tourism should be glad that this can actually increase Malaysian’s to go on holiday locally.


Once again the website is Malaysia's 1st B&B Rental