Monday, March 7, 2011

Time's up

My three months of holidays is up and I am in my 4th semester of my Degree in communication and media management. Still loving it even though I hate classes because it always clashes with my other activities that I love doing.

I went for Truly A Shopper press conference recently and I will be blogging about it soon this week because I had an amazing time there :) It is truly made for shopaholics! This will be reality tv show coming up soon in malaysia. Wait up for that blog post :)

So this year it seemed that I have put my hands into many various things like the badminton club, cheer club (soon to come in lakeside :D!) and I might be joining swimming too. Meeting, meeting and more meetings. Oh not to forget symphony orchestra as well under acapella group.

I have been very unproductive and lazy. I don't like being that way. All I think about is just to watch gossip girl and more gossip girl! I have been very into movies lately, I just want to watch movies all the time. Especially now when all the good movies is out, gives me more reason to watch them.

By the way, I rarely update my blog also got people follow me, I am happy :) Thanks all readers!

The rest I shall entertain you all with pictures.


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